Friday, September 7, 2012

Take Two

Am I happy at the last second vote adding God back into the platform of the Democrats?  No.  Am I happy about the omission of Jerusalem not being back in the Democratic platform?  No.  What I did see is that the Democrats have a variety of thoughts and ideas.  They don't goose step in sync just because they are Democrats.  They each have their own opinions.  I actually am happier that God was left out.  I emphatically want a separation of Church and State.  The lines have gotten so blurred that politicians fall all over themselves to prove their faith.  What BS.  I am far more impressed with people walking the walk and talking the talk.  Leading by example not with words.  Action, not rhetoric.  You heard the dissenting voices loudly when trying to add the word God back in to the platform. President Obama insisted on putting God and Jerusalem back into the platform.  He stood up to the party and said change it, get it done.  How unlike Mitt Romney.  He didn't stand up to his party.  The RNC's platform has zero exceptions for abortions, though Mitt Romney has stated that he supports exceptions in the case of rape and incest.  He didn't even try to push that through on their platform.  He is led by the nose.  Sold his soul to the devil, clearly.  That is a distinct difference between these two men.  

On my Facebook newsfeed, a post popped up of a youtube commercial for Congressman Alan West.  Asking for donations, misusing the whole "God" thing to his advantage, though I would say from many of his previous statements and actions, he doesn't seem to be that christian-like.  These next two months are going to be incredibly nasty and ugly.  This is not going to be a pretty election.  How could it be?  There is so much at stake.  It is going to be very difficult for those voters that only listen to one side to determine the truth.  If you only read the New York Post, it's a problem. If you only read the New York Times, same thing.  Read more than one paper. Watch a bit of everything.  Tell your kids to find out where the candidates stand for themselves.  Every election is important but somehow this feels more dire, more urgent, more important.  Gain knowledge!  You will feel empowered!!

The Democratic National Convention had its finale last night.  What a night!  Everyone gave great speeches. They felt authentic and from the heart and the gut.  I love Dr. Jill Biden.  I think her students are very lucky to have her as a teacher and I am only sorry that we don't get to see her more.  I have said it before, and I will say it again, I love Joe Biden.  Always have.  I think he is the real deal and not full of it at all.  His life story is rich with hardships and triumphs.  Every time I hear about his tragic loss of his first wife and child and what he did to come back, it brings a tear to my eye.  Then, Michelle Obama came out on stage to cheers and claps to introduce her husband.  President Barack Obama walked out on the stage, cool as always, and made an incredible speech.  Taking responsibility for what has gone well and what hasn't. How refreshing.  The President paid great homage to the military and their families.  They deserve it so. The Democratic National Convention gave us speeches that will be replayed for years to come.   The Republican Convention gave us Clint Eastwood.  Still no one from the Romney camp was fired....

Sidebars: It's Friday, the kids are back in school everywhere now.  The schedule is back.  The weather is still warm here but can feel Fall in the air sometimes.  The leaves are brown and falling already.  Enjoy your weekends.  Keep breathing. Keep reading. Keep listening.  

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  1. I was a bit disappointed in Obama last night. He was missing that certain something. A spark, or whatever. It doesn't matter so much for people like you and me -- the convinced. But for those on the fence - a bit less wonky policy and a bit more shameless emotional appeal might have been a good idea.