Monday, September 24, 2012


As many who know me know, I never met an awards show I didn't like.  Though as time's gone by, awards have gotten too watered down and far too many self congratulations. Which brings me to last night.  Ah, the Emmys.  Television's premiere event for itself. It began with two hours of red carpet on the E channel.  They have made the red carpet so over-produced.  It used to be so simple.  I think we used to see more people but now we see who they want us to see.  I was stunned by Julianne Moore's dress.  She is such a beautiful woman and I thought wearing the ugliest and ill-fitting dress. I'd fire the stylist.  Noticeably absent on most of the women, necklaces.  Necklaces all of a sudden went into the witness protection program.  

Finally, 8pm came.  Opening was classless and not funny.  It is safe to say that a public bathroom setting isn't going to hit a high mark.  Once Jimmy Kimmel, as the host, got to do what Jimmy Kimmel does best, it was a much better show.  There is so much television and even with all the nominations, USA Network was completely left out of any.  I was surprised.  Since Monk and Tony Shalhoub (a critics' darling), none of the shows on USA have made the grade and there are some good shows. There's Covert Affairs, White Collar, Burn Notice, Suits, Necessary Roughness, Psych, and more.  Not one nomination.  Odd.  Maybe USA Network is the Rodney Dangerfield of television.

For the past few years, I have felt so disconnected from the Emmy winners.  There were shows or actors that won over and over again, that I never watched.  I couldn't believe that Hugh Laurie never won, never.  For three of those years he lost out to Bryan Cranston.  I am not saying that Bryan Cranston isn't deserving, but I do know Hugh Laurie was good for one.  The voters didn't agree.  This year, I saw everything that won. Okay, not the Hatfield and McCoys, but a huge fan of Homeland, Modern Family, and Game Change.  Jon Stewart won for the umpteenth time.  The Amazing Race will always win because it can't be compared to any other show.  That show is far and away the most challenging reality show to produce. So all in all, it was a more entertaining show, if predictable in format. 

Sidebars:  Semi-appalled at the costumes for the new Brooklyn Nets' dancers.  A photo in Sunday's NY Post, puts the young ladies in black leather micro-minis.  I suppose they are trying to appeal to the neighborhood, but the neighbors can't afford to go inside.  I know so many people that live around this new arena and they aren't happy about it.  The developer broke all sorts of promises. Surprise, surprise. Ahmadinejad has arrived in New York City and began his hate speech.  Calls for the decimation of Israel and the Jews.  Warns Salman Rushdie not to tell his location.  And I will say it again, how incredibly appalling and insulting that on the holiest day in the Jewish religion, a man wanting the demise of Jews, gets the spotlight at the UN General Assembly.

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