Monday, September 10, 2012

I'm Just Wild About Harry

I love the Royals.  I love the history of the monarchy in England.  It is full of intrigue, drama, and grandeur.  I love all the incredible pomp and circumstance.  I love traditions.  I love through lines.  Always have, always will.  I have an incredible respect for the ceremonies and learning who walked the same path, who wore the crown, it is keeping history alive.  

When Princess Diana was killed in September 1997, it was both devastating and moving to see all the people of England paying homage to the mother of the future King of England (William).  I am always taken aback to see the outpouring of emotion that is stereotypically not associated with the British, but that stereotype is so wrong.  They love their country and the pomp and circumstance.  They come out in droves for joyous occasions and tragic occasions.  When Prince Harry got caught with his drawers down, no one cared more than Americans.  Didn't get the feeling the Brits cared so much.  Maybe Queen Elizabeth II cared, but maybe not even she.  

Over the weekend, Prince Harry was redeployed to Afghanistan, not to a cushy job but in the middle of the fray.  Today, the Taliban has made threats on his life.  They want to get him.  Take him out.  I would get his ass out of there.  It would be too tragic if they were to be successful.  It would be bad enough if he was killed in the act of combat, but to be taken down by terrorists....I doubt the Commanders will do anything.  I doubt Prince Harry would run.  I would, believe me.  I have a great deal of respect for the Royals military service.  They do it with honor.  They don't take special treatment.  

Unlike us, we are in the middle of an election where for the first time, no candidate has served in the military.  Yet, Romney is acting like a hawk.  Talking like he wants to engage in more military actions.  If I were a military Mom, I wouldn't be able to take it.  It is nothing to throw around cavalierly.  It shouldn't even be said aloud unless it's a last resort.  I am not a hawk.  I am a dove.  I know not all conflicts can be resolved without bloodshed, but I would avoid sending our young men and women into harms way at all costs.

So, I digress.  Harry, third in line for the thrown of England, be safe, don't be reckless, and keep your eyes open at all times. 

Sidebars:  Thankfully, the conventions are behind us.  Tonight we get premieres of the new Fall season.  The Voice begins tonight!!  If you only watch one talent show, this is the one.  The New Normal is getting a sneak preview tonight. Katie Couric's new show premieres today.  It's a new daytime talk show.  I am hoping for a friend of mine that it is a home run for ABC Daytime. I sampled the new Steve Harvey Show last week.  I enjoy him, but don't feel I am the target audience. Serena William won the US Open.  The San Francisco Giants beat the Dodgers to widen their division lead!  The 49ers won.  

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