Thursday, May 23, 2013

Too Many A**holes

This week we have had a plethora of ridiculous people.  Mike Jeffries', CEO, insulting comments about what is beauty to A&F has caused such outrage on the internet, Ellen DeGenerous addressed it, and it is a big topic of discussion at schools all over. Did you miss what he said? Here you go if you were Rip Van Winkle this week:

“In every school there are the cool and popular kids, and then there are the not-so-cool kids,” he says. “Candidly, we go after the cool kids. We go after the attractive all-American kid with a great attitude and a lot of friends. A lot of people don’t belong [in our clothes], and they can’t belong. Are we exclusionary? Absolutely. Those companies that are in trouble are trying to target everybody: young, old, fat, skinny. But then you become totally vanilla. You don’t alienate anybody, but you don’t excite anybody, either.”

Is what he said disgusting?  Yes, but not surprising that he said it, but what is astonishing is he said it publicly.  This is a comment for the board room as distasteful as it is.  The fact that he had the hubris to say it 6 years ago and then re-claim it now doesn't seem like good business.  The stock market will let us know if his comments had any detrimental effect in the long run.  Did you know that they (and they are not the only ones) burn the leftover stock rather than let anyone that they feel unworthy to wear their garments wear them?  So, all the people that lost everything in Moore, Oklahoma too bad for you.  You are not their customer.  I was never a fan over their over-sexualized stores, models, and shopping bags, so I wasn't a big consumer ever, but now, I will not spend one dime in this store.  

Next up, Sergio Garcia and Tiger Woods.  Stop it!  You both look bad, immature, and unlikeable.  Stop talking and delete your Twitter accounts. Tiger you have more to lose having been around bad publicity already.  Sergio you are in peril of losing big endorsements.  Get out of the sandbox and rise above the fray.  Oh, my God, it's golf!  Really, people.

Do**d T***p's Celebrity Apprentice ended to much lower ratings.  Yay!  Wish he'd go away and wish we didn't have to see promos for this show anymore, but alas, NBC picked it up again.  They are desperate for programming but is that really the way they want to go?  Maybe they will re-consider. Ha, ha.  

Anthony Weiner declared his run for mayor of New York City.  I have very mixed feelings.  I think he ran because he had already raised a lot of money for his former Congressional campaign and would have to give it all back if he didn't run.  Probably bored, too.  Look, I was a huge fan and supporter of Anthony Weiner and it was crushing when he chose to tweet his penis to a woman and get caught.  Ugh!  Why did he have to be so stupid??  It's so shortsighted.  It cost him his Congressional career and possible future Presidential run, and now, he's trying to take on NYC.  I don't think he can do it, but who knows?  Mark Sanford was forgiven and recently elected into Congress, and he used taxpayer money to fund his love affair. I just think that Anthony Weiner's biggest problem is his name.  Mayor Weiner?  Hard to take it seriously. Don't think that works without a smile. 

Sidebars: So, this week has been filled with tragedies in Oklahoma and London, big egos, and name calling.  The first two things should put everything in perspective to those that think they are the center of everything, but it doesn't. Take a few minutes to think about all the men and women that have given their lives for this country.  There has been too much loss, so let's not forget them.  Wishing everyone a wonderful Memorial Weekend.  

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