Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Justice, Really??

Listen, I couldn't care less about Lauryn Hill and the Fugees.  I couldn't name one song they did off the top of my head, but know that they were hugely successful for a brief period. I know they covered a hit song, but can't name it now.  However, when I heard the news about Lauryn Hill's sentencing for tax evasion, I was absolutely flabbergasted and outraged. Did you hear?  Okay, she messed up or her accountant messed up.  She didn't pay taxes on $1.2 million dollars over 3 years.  According to her attorney, she had pled guilty and had already paid back over $900,000. On her way to making things right. The Federal Judge on the bench, didn't think she had suffered enough.  Okay, fine.  Make her do 5000 hours of community service. Make her take 100 hours of accounting courses. No, not good enough.  The judge gave her 3 months in jail, 3 months house arrest, and a year of supervised probation!  Really?  3 months in Federal prison?  What good does that do anyone?  Do I think that she broke the law?  Yes.  Everyone needs to pay their taxes on earned income, but....Did I mention she has six children at home???  Six!!!!!!!  Doesn't that seem incredibly shortsighted of the presiding judge?  What are they going to do?  What harm can come to them while their mother is incarcerated?  There is no value by having her go to prison.  She can't earn money, she can't better her family, she can't better the community or the world at large. I find this sentencing both over the top and ridiculous. 

Does the name Wesley Snipes mean anything to you? He served 3 years in jail for tax evasion.  I find it a perfect example of why our prison system is messed up.  There are many cases of tax evaders. Many are famous, but the only ones jailed were Wesley Snipes, Heidi Fleiss, and now Lauryn Hill.  Leona Helmsley was on house arrest. Willie Nelson got to continue touring so he could pay his back taxes. Nicolas Cage got to stay out of jail, make a deal, and sell off his fortune to pay the government. Pete Rose also was able to make a deal and pay what he owed by selling off some property. So why is Lauryn Hill going to jail?  She pled guilty she paid her debt off almost in full.  Can anyone explain it to me?  As I said, I don't care about her, per se, but is justice served? Do her kids have to pay too?  It is a victimless crime and she needs to "pay," but I think the crime doesn't fit the time.

Sidebars:  Well, it's season finale time.  Things are just flying by and it's only May 7th.  Amazing Race season finale was fully satisfying and thrilled with the outcome.  The Mentalist is still keeping my interest because of Simon Baker but how much longer can we wait to find out who Red John is.  Do the writers even know?  Revenge is truly getting too hard to stay with, but I love Emily VanCamp.  The Voice is still the best television singing competition. The NBA finals are keeping us on our toes.  What a win for the Chicago Bulls!  First beating the Broolyn Nets in game 7 and then beating the Miami Heat in Miami in game 1!!!!!  The Knicks lost to the Pacers in game 1. Argh! Golden State lost in a squeeker in game 1 against the San Antonio Spurs.  Did you hear the incredible story about the three kidnapped women found????!!!!! What an incredible story. I don't know all the details yet, but they were kidnapped for 10 years and living in a house in Cleveland.  Found and reunited with their families.  Outstanding!  I will be following that story more.  It's Tuesday. Game 2 tonight between the Knicks and Pacers.  The Voice again tonight. Team Blake and Team Shakira perform.  Stay tuned.

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