Friday, May 10, 2013

Unpopular Sentiment

This morning I woke to Matt Lauer up in some bird's nest at 1 World Trade Center so we can watch the final spire being put in place.  He and Savannah Guthrie keep talking about how emotional it is and lumps in their throats.  Not mine.  I don't mean to be hard hearted Hannah, but this has taken 12 years to rebuild between bickering, money, ownership, design, etc.  Maybe the building will grow on me, but at this point, it's "meh" to me.  Leaves me cold.  I know that people hated the World Trade Center towers when they were built, so maybe it's just too hard to get a fantastic Gaudi design anymore.  It's taken too long to come back.  I don't understand the solace that the talking heads keep purporting the 9/11 families and survivors must feel.  I really don't.  

If I look at it as a feat of construction, that is easier to swallow.  Due to the spire, it will be the tallest building in the Northern Hemisphere.  The building now stands at 1776 feet.  See the significance?  Seems like cheating a bit, but whatever.  It will also carry new television antennas that were lost in 9/11.  It still is a building without character.  Gone are the days of buildings like the Chrysler building. I mean absolutely no offense, but the building doesn't have great significance for me.  On 9/11, things changed forever.  Things have never been the same and will never be the same. The poor souls that went to work that day only to have tragically lost their lives aren't coming back. The brave first responders that went in as the people were running out can't be thanked enough.  They paid with their lives, but they will remain true heroes.  So where am I going with this?  I don't really know.  That plot of land in lower Manhattan sine 9/11 has caused so much consternation and pain. I just can't imagine that a big, tall building eases it in anyway, shape, or form.  

Sidebars:  This has been an unbelievable week of court cases.  First, Jody Arias found guilty of first degree murder in Arizona and then Ariel Castro charged with not enough heinous crimes for kidnapping, raping, and brutalizing 3 women in Cleveland over 10 years.  That story will be an ongoing story for a long time.  American Idol cleaning house and getting rid of all four judges.  Finally, no more Randy Jackson, though I think it may be too late for A.I. to be resurrected.  NBA Finals continue.  Come on Knicks and Golden State!!!  Jimmy Connors released his "memoir."  I think it is unconscionable that he told everyone about his very private relationship with Chrissie Evert. He told the world that she had an abortion over 40 years ago. Was that right?  I think not. It's ungentlemanly and unseemly.  Okay, Moms, it's your weekend.  Hope some of you get treated to whatever you want to be treated to on Sunday. Enjoy the weekend, everyone!

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