Wednesday, May 15, 2013

IRS, huh?

Okay, people, I have a lot of problems with this "scandal" with the IRS.  I am taking leaps and assumptions and coming to my own conclusions.  I may not have all the info on this topic, but I do have a lot of opinions.  No surprise there.  Let's begin with the first order of business...why should any Tea Party group get tax exempt status? If all of a sudden there is a flood of requests for tax exempt status and many are people who don't want to pay taxes, wouldn't you maybe give them a deeper look?  I have always felt that there were far too many tax exempt organizations that are involved with politics.  Throwing money at candidates or super-PAC's to elect or tear down a candidate.  Left, right, communist, liberal, progressive, Marxist, socialist all should be red flags just like Tea Party as a tax exempt request.  I would take away many associations tax exempt status.  Evangelical groups that clearly have a strong political sway and are considered tax exempt for religious reasons, should be warned and then lose it.   It goes to separating Church and State, but many groups don't play fair.  They rally their parishioners to a certain political leaning.  I don't care which way, I don't like it!  

Does anyone remember that the IRS looked into the NAACP during the Bush years?  This isn't the first time.  It should be non-partisan at all times, but who are we kidding?  Nothing is non-partisan.  The Supreme Court isn't.  It's supposed to be, but....So, for all the hand wringing and scandal shouting about the IRS going after Tea Party organizations, remember it's not the first time, it won't be the last, but let's re-evaluate all tax exempt statuses.  The system is broken all over.  It's fixable, but everyone has an angle. Before I hear from you that I'm wrong or I don't know what the hell I'm talking about, I don't.  It's how I feel.  Can anyone tell me why any political leaning group should get tax exemption?  

The Justice Department "scandal" may be more concerning, but the facts are already getting muddied before they even get out.  How many people did I hear say that the DoJ tapped the phones of AP reporters?  The misinformation was fast out of the gate.  No, the DoJ got phone records from a 100 AP reporters to try to root out who leaked some high level secrets about terrorists and Yemen.  Look, if it's for National Security, well then, what can we do?  That's been the position of government since 9/11.  Do I like it, not so much, but we have already been protecting the country at all cost. Why should this be a surprise?  

I am sure there will be endless hearings and press conferences on this, too, just to keep from doing the business that will help and enhance Americans' lives: job creation, gun reform, immigration, etc. So here we are....

Sidebars:  NCIS season finale.  I love that show. Came late to the party and can't get enough of it.  Not at all sure what the finale ending was or meant, but still love it.  I've been catching up on the previous nine seasons on USA Network reruns. The Voice knocked off two more singers last night.  Always so sad to see people go, but I think America got it right.  Christina Aguilera signed to return for Season 5 for $17million dollars.  That's too much money and I absolutely adore Shakira!!!!!  Will miss her so much. American Idol finishes its lackluster season tonight. My Golden State Warriors lost to the Spurs and so Game 6 is coming. Knicks played dreadfully and lost even worse to the Indiana Pacers.  Tomorrow night is Game 5.  Looks like the Knicks season will end. They have no answers for the Pacers.  More games, but don't care.  Off to see Cinderella this afternoon and can't wait!!!!  A little rain expected today. Enjoy your Wednesday!

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