Friday, July 25, 2014

Stepping Straight In It

I really wanted to write about my incredible trip to Cooperstown, NY, but with all the world news, I am going to try to reflect upon the crisis in Israel.  It's been so disturbing the hate and anti-semitism that has reared its head all over Europe.  First, the rise of anti-semitic acts were getting more frequent and greater in France, but now there have been marches in England, Brussels, and Germany to kill the Jews.  Maybe if you aren't Jewish you can't understand why we are so vehemently supportive and protective of Israel.  I'm not talking about religiosity, I am speaking about culture, survival, through line.  What is going on currently in Israel and the Gaza Strip is terrible, but what seems to get overlooked in all the death and tragedy? The terrorist group Hamas is responsible for it all.  The complicit silence of the Palestinian people is responsible.  There are far more Palestinian people than Hamas, but Hamas runs it all.  If the Palestinians didn't like Hamas, they could have changed things in the Gaza Strip.  Whether it's fear or apathy, they allowed Hamas to fester and grow.  

Let's make it clear, when Israel decides to fight back, they fight back.  They are protecting their people fiercely.  Many talking heads are speaking about the tragedy of all the civilian casualties in the Gaza Strip, but what they aren't accentuating is that Hamas wants the total and complete annihilation of the Jewish people and Israel.  How can you reason with people like that?  Would America? There were attempts at cease fires so that cooler heads could prevail and help could get to those in need and each time Hamas started firing into Israel!   You can't expect a country not to protect its citizens.  If you think that Israel is being heavy handed, they are trying to take out the threats to its citizens once and for all.  The talking heads are all over Israel after they bombed a UN school  which killed many civilians.  Terrible, but Israel had information that Hamas had weapons there.  You see, that's what Hamas does.  They keep their weapons in civilian locations so Israel attacks which, in turn, does the most damage in world opinion against Israel.  Israeli forces alert the Palestinians of coming attacks to encourage them to get away.  Does Hamas?  No, they are terrorists.  So seriously, what is Israel to do?  The US doesn't negotiate with terrorists, why should Israel?  Hamas are terrorists, make no mistake.  

I have written countless times about the hate that has risen since Obama became President towards the Black community.  The racism is palatable.  Anti-semitism is far easier to hide, but this past week has come screaming out of the closet.  Have you seen all the anti-Jewish marches, tweets, signs?  Check this out:

And there are so many more, but that gives you an idea what Jews are up against.  There are 13.75 million Jews (.2% of the world's population) vs. 1.6 billion Muslims (23% of the world).  Can everyone put it all in perspective?  The news in America is so distorted.  Do I think that Israel is 100% right?  No, but I empathize with everything they have to deal with.  If you visit Israel, you see just how close all its enemies are. It's very hard to imagine the proximity without standing in Israel and seeing the topography.  It's astonishing that they have survived.  

I am sure that many will be offended by my stance, but I am offended by all the haters of Israel and Jews.  It's upsetting and peace can't be achieved until the terrorists themselves are destroyed forever.  How soon will that be????

Sidebars:  Hear, hear to former Mayor Michael Bloomberg who stood by Israel and did not accept the FAA's ban on flying in and out of Tel Aviv.  He hopped right on the first El Al flight out of NYC and arrived in solidarity in Tel Aviv.  On the other side of the coin.  current Mayor Bill DiBlasio is enjoying a ten day vacation with his family in Italy.  It bugs me so much.  Wonder who paid for the trip?  I have many more trivial thoughts which I will save for another day.  Enjoy your weekend.  Stay cool!

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