Tuesday, August 28, 2012

One Day Less

On the first real day of the Republican convention, they keep talking about Romney saving America, getting America back on track, job creator.  How is that possible?  We currently are suffering with an obstructionist Congress.  What's going to change?  Do you think that there will be an overthrow of Congress and it will be Democratic again?  I absolutely don't believe that if Mitt Romney were to win in November that he will still have to battle the will of Congress no matter what the make up is. Candidates and Incumbents have to stop promising what they are going to do for America.  It never happens the way the Presidents want.  It's far more complicated than that.

Currently, Barack Obama is the most vivid example of not being able to keep the promises he made.  The convention was in August 2008 and the nation's economy collapsed in September.  Everything changed but the words were out there.  Obama had no idea what he was truly walking into, no President does.  Do I believe that all President-elects have their intentions in the right place? Yes, but they can't really truly know what lies in wait once they get into the Oval office. President Clinton got into office and had promised to allow gays in the military.  He got into office and found that it wasn't going to be that easy, so he compromised with Don't Ask, Don't Tell. A terrible policy but the best he felt he could do at the time. Not the battle he wanted to start his Presidency. 

So, as the Republican speeches begin and bash President Obama and make promises, all of us voters have to sit back and say to ourselves, yes but anything can happen.  No one knows what really lurks in the future when campaigns and elections are won.  There are far too many Xfactors.  It's never simple.

On the other side of this, I hate political conventions.  They have had their time and day.  Now, it's such opulence and brown nosing to the big donors.  It's a waste of time and money.  I would be so impressed with the first candidate who said no need to spend the Party money that way. Let's spend the money to help others. Maybe actual citizens of this country or maybe local elections.  In the days of 24/7 news, it is not necessary. It is throwing good money after bad.  A girl can dream can't she?  

I have to thank Hurricane Isaac for cutting Donald Trump off at the knees.  That we were going to be subjected to the greatest narcissist in America, was more than I could bear.  Did you hear?  He had a "surprise" planned....

Sidebars:  Major Crimes may work after all. The new series that evolved out of The Closer had its best episode of the three that aired. Hope they can keep it going on that track. Showtime's Episodes is too fabulous and if you aren't on board, watch it on demand. Newsroom is over for this season.  Great writing can't be beat. Can't believe that Mark Texeira got injured again last night in the crushing loss to the Toronto Blue Jays. The blockbuster deal between the Red Sox and the Dodgers may make it difficult for the San Francisco Giants to clinch their division.  Come on, Giants. Urban Outfitters buyers, designers, and board must re-think the messages that they are sending out to kids.  They have been accused of insulting, inappropriate sayings on t-shirts. The new line promotes drinking.  Wouldn't be a problem but their prime consumers are under the drinking age.  Wearing shirts that say, I Vote for Vodka, USA Drinking Team, or I Drink You're Cute is irresponsible of the company. Urban Outfitters, think before you print! Keeping a good thought for the people on the Gulf Coast.  

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  1. Well-spoken and well-written as usual, Diana. Love reading your blog!