Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Nothing Legitimate About Ignorance

I am feeling so remiss not talking about the idiocy and ignorance of Congressman Todd Akin, but there's been so much written and said.  I give thumbs up to the Romney campaign for denouncing it so roundly and fast.  I give thumbs down because the Romney camp picked Paul Ryan who feels much the same as Todd Akin about abortion.  Not the way Mitt wanted to go into the Republican Convention.  

The abortion extremists need to be quiet unless they are women. Better yet, women who have been through the very complex and torturous decision making process about abortion.  Seeing a bunch of white men talking about what I can do with my body is so incredibly insulting and ludicrous.  It hasn't ever stopped them though.  For almost my entire life, men have felt the need to debate the issue.  Do everything they can to stop women from having a legal abortion.  In Mississippi, they have successfully closed all abortion clinics.  They are trying to pass legislation in so many States to infringe on my rights as a woman.  Come on, people, if we were debating mandatory vasectomies for men, it would be the shortest conversation. Men would rise up and declare their strength and outrage.  So, women, I say it again, stand and be counted.  This is the time.  This is more important than taxes, jobs, the 1%.  This is our right to make our own decisions about our bodies.  I will say it again: Stand Up and Be Counted!  

Congressman Akin has decided to stay on the ballot and the RNC has decided not to back him financially.  It was okay to back him even though he is a strong proponent of personhood legislation co-sponsored with Paul Ryan.  Not exactly sure what turned the RNC and Super-pacs on their heels.  It's all disgusting. It's all intertwining Church and State.  To those strong supporters of the Constitution, can't have it both ways.  First and foremost, we must keep religion out of legislation. Keep Church separate from State.  

So if you haven't read all the great essays and opinions in your newspapers or on the internet, please google them.  The Onion had a great article last night: 
Eve Ensler wrote an extraordinary piece:

Sidebars:  Political Animals on USA finished their first season.  Starring Sigourney Weaver, Gina Gershon, Ellen Burstyn has to be the biggest waste of great talent in a long time.  The worst writing.  In comparison, the writing on HBO's Newsroom is tremendous.  Smart, funny, pointed.  Love that Aaron Sorkin.  America's Got Talent on tonight showcasing acts that get a second chance to make it through. I hope it's better than last weeks mind numbingly bad show.  Beautiful in NYC today and I think the whole week.  Enjoy wherever you are.

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