Friday, August 24, 2012

Bits and Pieces

So much news this week and it wasn't all politics.  Here's a rundown of stories that caught my eye.  First and foremost for me, the National Urban League came out swinging at Nike and LeBron James for creating and pricing their new basketball shoes over $300!!!  Are you kidding me??  I feel vindicated and backed up by such an organization.  Nike pitifully said the price was set because the rising cost of rubber and labor.  Are you kidding me??  Who the hell will ever believe that?  That's the biggest bunch of BS and let's see what the end result will be.  At least, a high profile group took them/him to task.  The National Urban League brought more attention to their greed than I ever could.  

Did you hear about the US Open referee, Lois Ann "Lolo" Goodman, arrested for killing her husband?  I expect she will be on an episode of Snapped.  She hit him over the head with a coffee mug.  Wasn't dead yet so took the shards from the broken mug and stabbed him to death.  Called the police, said she found him that way, talked their ear off about Agassi and McEnroe, cleaned up her place, got new carpeting. Continued with her life.  Arrived in NYC three weeks later to ref the US Open tennis.  The police figured it out in California and had the NYPD pick her up.  It looks like her refereeing days are over on the outside.  Maybe she can start a tennis tournament in the California State Women's Penitentiary....I love this story for some reason.

I'm just wild about Harry.  Really, what a guy thing to happen to him.  Not showing his brightness by showing his bits; the security detail are getting the worst of it.  They are the ones really on the hotseat for not protecting Prince Harry from the party animals.  Should have had them check their phones and bags.  Other than another public spectacle by Harry, it's a whole lotta something being made about nothing.  Of course, if the people of Britain paid for the suite....

Lance Armstrong.  What can I say?  Another sports hero stripped of his greatness and his Tour de France titles. Banned for life.  Clay feet.  Shocking and uncharacteristic for him to give up.  He has always been a fighter.  Didn't want to hear the prosecution's 10 witnesses.  Tough week for sports.  Last week, Melky Cabrera of the San Francisco Giants was taken down for 50 games by MLB for high levels of testosterone. This week Bartolo Colon of the Oakland A's was suspended for 50 games for high levels of testosterone.  According to MLB, they aren't connected.  I don't believe that.  They are just a bridge away.  

Finally, on a personal note, the famed Colony Records is closing its doors.  It is a huge loss for NYC. It has one of the largest collections of vinyl albums and an extraordinary collection of sheet music.  Every actor/singer/musician for over 60 years has graced its threshold.  It is another historic loss to make way for probably another chain store.  Colony Records, I am sad to see you go.  It was comforting to know you were there.  Nothing's forever.

It's the weekend. Enjoy it.  Take a moment to appreciate yourself and the people around you.  Tropical Storm Isaac, we are watching you.

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