Thursday, April 12, 2012

Yes, Justified!

After 6 1/2 weeks, charges were filed against George Zimmermann in the shooting death of Trayvon Martin. It was a long time coming and the fight to keep the story front and center was done peacefully and brilliantly.  Facebook was plastered with online petitions. Civil Rights leaders held marches and rallies.  In the wake of incomprehensible violence, peace.  See what can be done?  All anyone wanted out of this was justice, not blood, justice.  Okay, some may want blood, but that was not the overriding focus.  The family, friends, leaders, and strangers just wanted George Zimmermann to have charges filed and the facts to fall where they may. 

It's fascinating that the young generation that surrounds me seems far more color blind than I would imagine possible. I made a comment how important this trial will be to the great racial divide. My surrounding kids don't get it.  I said ask so and so in your grade, I bet he's been following this story (he's black).  I was told I was being racist.  Hard to explain when they don't see it at all, the intricate and intertwined racism.  I will continue to discuss this case. I will continue to try to help the young ones to understand what's at stake. 

I was thoroughly impressed with both the special prosecutor in her press conference last night and Reverend Al Sharpton. Their words were deeply felt, professional, and honest.  Rev. Al even admitted that he doubted from the outset that the "right" thing would happen. That's his life experience.  Angela Corey, prosecutor, spoke with clarity, understanding, and caution. Neither side fanned the flames. Both want the trial to unfold in the courtroom. Both want a fair trial for all sides. I hope that these feelings can continue. 

Anyone notice how deafeningly quiet the NRA is whenever a tragedy occurs by bullet?  They love the "stand your ground" law in Florida. We shall see how that goes, because when truly challenged, they don't go quietly into the night. Have you been hearing Mayor Bloomberg? He's been shouting loudly in NYC and DC about the NRA's unyielding and unreasonable position on guns in this country.  If he continues this fight for the reasonable rights of gun owners, maybe he will find some success.  He may have more money than the NRA. Not many can say that.  You go, Mayor Mike!!!  I and many stand side by side with you on this issue!!!!

Sidebars:  All I can do is shake my head when I hear that the ladies of The View think that Sherri Shepherd was robbed when she was dumped on Dancing With the Stars.  Really?  Someone had to go.  Everyone is either good or great at this stage, this year.  She was never going to win. They took nasty swipes at other dancers.  Unnecessary and maybe ABC said we need Sherri back on The View. Enough already.  
My husband is off to the induction ceremonies for Don Kirshner into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. It's not too late to read his book or buy it for your friends. Great book, great read.  
Don Kirshner: The Man With the Golden Ear.

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