Thursday, April 19, 2012

Put a Sock On It

I don't know if this is a national story, but here in New York we have a newly signed New York Jets football player, Antonio Cromartie. It has been revealed that at the ripe young age of 27 he has fathered 10 children by 8 women in 6 states. What? Really?  His wife is currently pregnant with numbers 11 and 12.  It's outrageous and Cromartie isn't the first to drop his seed like Johnny Appleseed inside women's uteri, but what blows my mind, time and time again, is that no one ever mentions condoms, safe sex, HIV/Aids.  That is more to the point for me.  When the Tiger Woods story broke, as outraged as everyone was, no one mentioned condoms.  I am time and time again appalled at the missed opportunities by tv voices and print writers that never jump on the safe sex perspective.  There shouldn't be so many accidental pregnancies, if people are using protection on their penises.  Granted condoms aren't foolproof, but wouldn't that be a teachable moment, too, if the expectant parent said, oops, the condom broke?  

Why don't the women insist on condoms?  With Tiger Woods ex-wife, I kept waiting for her outrage not only for the deep hurt, broken trust, but also for putting her at risk.  Why don't the women speak up?  I never heard the women on The View call anyone out for ignoring safe sex. So many opportunities to teach viewers and readers, missed.  Does Antonio Cromartie's behavior sicken me? Absolutely, though it is his business. He has to pay child support to a dozen off spring. What sickens me is the complete carelessness for his life, the life of the women, and his children. Safe sex isn't over just because there are drugs to keep people with the HIV virus living full and complete lives. The behavior should be condemned by all. I will shout it every time I hear about an accidental pregnancy. I find it unconscionable.

If you are under a certain age, you have no idea the total ravaging to a generation, of mostly young men, in the 80's. Aids spread worldwide, crossed color barriers, gender barriers, socio-economic barriers.  Medical science was struggling to keep up with the virus and finally found drugs that wouldn't cure you but allowed living with HIV/Aids possible.  Maybe there is too much comfort with that. Maybe if the drugs weren't there, people's sexual habits would still be curtailed.  For the young people, read about the devastation of an entire generation. Watch movies and documentaries.  HIV/Aids isn't gone. It's handled in the USA.

Sidebars:  I am afraid that Modern Family may have jumped the shark.  Holding on, but worried.  House can't end quick enough. Law and Order: SVU hasn't skipped a beat since Chris Meloni left.  Where is he now?  ABC's Revenge is winding up its first season soon and as I said from the beginning, I can't see them be able to sustain a second season. Should have been an announced upfront one season show.  The iconic and great Dick Clark died. There will never be another like him! R.I.P.

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  2. oh wow - say it ain't so - about Modern Family. . .I must be behind in my viewing. . .I hope you're wrong on this one! You know, that Jamar, on The Voice, is HIV+, and I bet a lot of kids watching didn't even know what that was before they heard him talk about it. Interesting thought.