Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Swimming Mind

Did you hear about the six year old girl, Isabela, in Tucson, Arizona?  She was tucked into bed at night by her parents and gone in the morning.  The parents called the police immediately. There was no Amber Alert. It didn't fit the criteria.  Really?  Didn't fit the criteria??  What criteria?  I thought the whole point of an Amber Alert was speed and mass announcement. What criteria?  I don't get that at all. The little girl is still missing. Few clues to where she is, what happened to her, she is in the wind right now.  Would an Amber Alert have helped Isabela?  Who knows, but why not err on the side of too many Amber Alerts?  Criteria?  

Arizona used to be an incredible, zen like destination. Now, it's gotten so politically extreme. The zen is disappearing.  

Let's continue with the political thoughts. Have you read about all the marginalizing of potential voters?  In State after State, legislators are changing the voting rules.  What are the legislators afraid of?  Why are they making an issue out of voter fraud which is not an issue?  Voter fraud is not prevalent, but politician after lawmaker after State legislator, are trying to make it impossible for many to vote.  What? What the hell is that about?  Why wouldn't you want as many people voting as possible no matter the outcome?  Why wouldn't you want to win an election fair and square?  What the hell is happening?  The fear that if you let everyone over 18 cast a vote means your side loses? Isn't that the point of an election? Of course, I was raised that majority rules and I still don't understand why 51 votes aren't enough in the Senate anymore.  All over the rules are getting changed and I don't think that it is making this country better and stronger.  I think fear is ruling and that minimizes our greatness.  People stand up! Be counted!  Do not make excuses for not being heard.  

Sidebars: Even the contestants on The Biggest Loser understand that winning is sweeter if you beat the strongest competitor not the weakest. They have all had that common denominator this whole season.  No one ever voted for knocking out a tough competitor. They all voted for who deserved to stay more.  Why can't the lawmakers follow this same philosophy? Let everyone over 18 vote. May the strongest candidates always win.  The Voice still continues to be strong, though I think there is no love lost between Christina Aguilera and Adam Levine.  Maybe competition is bringing out the worst in Christina, but she can barely give a compliment to any of Adam's singers.  It's a bit uncomfortable and if her goal is to get Tony Lucca (a former Mouseketeer) kicked off, it's backfiring, big time.  House's last four episodes can't come fast enough. HBO's Girls is not for me, not sure who the audience is. I just know who it isn't. The Big C, which was so spectacular in its first season, may also have jumped the shark, but still love Laura Linney. Rosie O'Donnell making waves with comments about Lindsey Lohan.  I totally agree with her.  She basically said that Lindsey is still in trouble and not healthy enough yet, so she has no business working.  Her handlers are in denial and must have bills to pay. 

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  1. Everything you describe in paragraphs 1 and 3 is the epitome of the "better America" promised last night by Mitt Romney - just so everyone is clear about what's in store if their "side" wins....

    1. Ugh! Thanks for reading and commenting.

  2. the "child missing from their bed" seems to be a new phenomenon in heinous child crimes. I mean they never found that little DiPietro girl, did they? And that baby from somewhere in the midwest, Oklahoma maybe?, was also never found. WTF?????
    You know I feel differently about the whole Adam/Christina thing - but we do agree that we love The Voice! And we all want to join CeeLo's fan club, right?! xoxo