Monday, April 9, 2012

Gentlemen Only Ladies Forbidden

I know how odd for me to write that, right?  Did you know that is the acronym for golf.  Figures doesn't it?  Still no women at Augusta, where the Masters is played. Maybe it is inherent that I have often felt golf is all about not being with your wife and family and there you go...the origin of the word golf. Something to think about, that's all.

Is it time to put the Tiger back in the cage?  I am so sick of the kowtowing to Tiger Woods.  It is all on the networks and newspapers.  Even before Tiger backed out of his driveway two years ago, I wasn't a big fan. Yes, I can't deny that he was a great golfer, but I am not a fan of bad sports.  I always put him under the heading of "he loves himself enough for both of us, so I don't need to."  I have always put Kathleen Turner and Denzel Washington in the same category.  There are many others, but I digress.  I love and admire humility.  I love and admire good winners and losers.  Tiger Woods was only happy when he played well, which meant he probably won.  Other than that, he was sour.  I never have felt him to be authentic or true.  He is a golfer. Period. End of story.  

When Tiger had his personal life blow up in the tabloids, he was so ill prepared.  It damaged every part of his life and he has been trying to come back ever since.  He has had focus, mental, and physical issues that have absolutely compounded the problem.  What I can't stand though is that the analysts, writers, talking heads, all go way over the top.  They lap him up. They want him to be Tiger Woods again so badly.  Their headlines and promos are filled with excitement and passion for him, that is so undeserved.  They were drooling themselves on Thursday when Tiger finished the Masters even par.  They could taste the excitement.  Tiger fell apart Friday, showed his true colors on Saturday, and has no shot at winning the Masters.  

Being subjected to watch the Masters, I have to say how enjoyable it has been on the last and final day.  The word tiger hasn't passed the lips of any of the talking heads.  They are focussed on the real players. The ones in the lead and the ones that bring dignity to the game. So, maybe it is time for all the sport reporters and analysts that Tiger Woods isn't the end all be all that he may have been.  He is a very flawed human being who now struggles to hit his big stick. 

SIDEBARS:  Bubba Watson won his first Masters in sudden death playoff. There is a Subway restaurant at Citifield at Mets games.  They have the audacity to charge $15.00 for a $5.00 Subway sandwich.  It's disgusting and deplorable.  200%??  Really? How could anyone ever spend that amount of money knowing how much they are ripping you off? R.I.P. Mike Wallace; what a career!

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