Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Mark is on the Mark

Were you as flabbergasted when you heard the news that Facebook spent 1 billion dollars to buy a tiny app company, called Instagram, as I was? I was trying to reason it out and came to the conclusion that Mark Zuckerberg bought it to play keep away.  Years ago there was a rumor that the great William Morris Agency used to sign talent just to control or stop the competition. Well, Mark Zuckerberg must have heard  the same rumor. He spent 1 billion dollars so that Google couldn't purchase Instagram.  An offensive move, which may turn out to be brilliant and profitable for Facebook.  Wall Street went a buzz and a flutter over the news. The firms taking FB public faced mix reactions. I love, love, love that whether Zuckerberg is worth $1 or many billion, he does what he wants, when he wants.  It would have been much more cautious to have waited until Facebook went public, but no, he wasn't waiting.  It was a shark and his pray. Saw the opening and pounced.  I am still trying to figure out Instagram and Mark Zuckerberg had this figured out and on the mark. Out of the box. Brilliant man. Odd man, but brilliant.  
Have you taken the time to see the softer side of Zuckerberg? Check out his Facebook page for his dog, Beast.  Makes you smile no matter what your feeling. 

Weird segue but I have been thinking about this for days.  The free-wheeling use of the word bitch or any derivation of it. And it's really free on the ABC network. They have two shows currently on the schedule with that word. The first, GCB.  Can't watch it for so many reasons, but it was off putting that they produced a show called Good Christian Bitches, then back peddled and shortened it to GCB and said it is Good Christian Belles.  Now, premiering tonight, Don't Trust the B in Apartment 23.  Honestly, it made me cringe a little bit. Another show with bitch in its title. Believe me, the word doesn't offend me, per say, but I am just not sure it needs to be so commercially used. Would there ever be a show called Good Christian Pricks?  or Don't Trust the Dick in Apartment 23?  I don't think so.  So, why is this okay?  Is it part of the denigration of women subliminally?  I don't know the answer.  I just know how it feels. I it doesn't feel right to me. 

Don't need to say more than this, do I?  Rick Santorum out of the race. Okay, it amuses me that they say he is suspending his campaign.  Can't quite get the words out: over, done, overcooked, the end. 

SIDEBARS:  The Voice and Dancing With the Stars had their results shows last night. Over drawn and too long on DWTS. They could definitely do it in 30 minutes. I wonder how the ratings are?  Spoiler Alert: Sherri Shepherd went home in tears.  :-). I think The Voice does the result show much better than all the other shows. They rip off the bandaid fast.  In the first few minutes, you know who is safe from each team. The ones that aren't sing one song for their "life."  My happiest moment was when Tony Lucca was safe immediately. Christina Aguilera was truly harsh the first night to him. Felt uncomfortable and personal.  The fans didn't buy it. They also made Tony Lucca's song number 1 on iTunes.  :-). Still enjoying Fashion Stars. 

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