Monday, April 23, 2012

Mark and Bopper (Spoiler alert)

If you want to see the best of America on display, watch Amazing Race and the incredible duo from Kentucky.  Mark and Bopper are best friends in their 40's from Manchester, Kentucky.  Mark is black and Bopper is white.  They clearly have had struggles in their life but there isn't a second of pity.  They love and respect each other in the deepest sense.  Their relationship is showing the best in people.  They are supportive, encouraging, empathetic, humble, grateful, appreciative, and committed. They have their eyes on the prize but will not be duplicitous to get there.  The fact that they are different races, plays no part in their love.  Did I say they are from Kentucky?

Watching last night's episode, showed how healthy friendship is supposed to work.  If you have never seen the show, each week the contestants have different challenges or tasks to get to the next episode. If you finish last, you may be eliminated.  Last night. we had to watch Mark master a Bollywood dance.  He isn't a dancer. It seemed incredibly hot and no shade. He was already not feeling well and he kept trying, even when he seemed like he might drop dead.  Bopper told him to quite and he wouldn't. Finally after over 10 attempts, Mark had to stop. He re-assessed his life's priorities and decided being alive for his kids was more important than the money.  The young Indian dance teacher was so caring and tried to encourage him to do it just one more time.  Now, it is TV and it's hard to know how much time is passing, but it seems forever.  Finally, Mark put the costume back on and did it one more time.  He finally passed and they had to let him pass, but he succeeded.  The pride and support Bopper showed Mark was palpable. It was deeply moving and they knew they were going to be eliminated. 

When they got to the rest stop, they were both expressing how great this experience has been. How much they love each other and are so proud of their best friend.  At the end of this display of emotion, Phil Keoghan told them it was a non-elimination leg of the race and they will be continuing. I had a feeling they'd be kept in the race.  If I were the producers, I would do whatever I could to get them to the winner's circle (without cheating).  They are the heart of the season and need the money for the best of reasons. I am rooting for them all the way. Did I make that clear???

SIDEBARS:  Funny, that the NY Times had an article about how crazy Sunday nights have become for DVR users.  It's almost impossible to catch everything and so sad that programmers have to put so many great shows on opposite each other, when there are so many terrible nights of television.  Sunday night now airs: Amazing Race, The Good Wife, NY 22, Mad Men, The Big C, Nurse Jackie, Veep, Girls, The Real Housewives of New Jersey, and that's just off the top of my head.  Saturday night there's nothing on.  Remember the old days when we watched Mary Tyler Moore, Bob Newhart, and Carol Burnett?  Now, nothing. Dead night of programming. Couldn't even find a movie to watch from On Demand.  Just wait until May sweeps begin. Oy!  Congratulations to Phil Humber for pitching a perfect game on Saturday.  Only the 21st perfect game in MLB history. Congratulations to my friend, Dave Sims, for getting to call the game. Saw Ron Dante at BB King's last night. What a blast!  Ron Dante, for those who don't know, is The Archies. 

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