Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Updates and Plus

Okay, first of all, the myth that golf stands for Gentleman Only, Ladies Forbidden is just that.  A Myth.  I have heard it more than once in quizzes, trivia games, and the like, but after doing a bit of research...it's a myth. It isn't an acronym, but whoever "jokingly" said it, hit a truth or nerve.  So though it may seem a fitting acronym, I stand corrected.  

Second, the movie Bully got a change in its rating to PG-13 after the producer cut out a few "f" words.  Totally ridiculous that that's what it took to change the R rating to PG-13.  The rating system is completely out of whack.  This weeks Entertainment Weekly has an article discussing the problem facing the MPAA.  I think Jack Valenti is still in charge though he died in 2007.  Maybe they need to get people from every decade including an 18 year old for the big decisions they make to protect us. In any case, I hope that now people will see Bully. I will and will report back after I see it.

Congressman Paul Ryan on the Today Show this morning.  Ann Curry asks him, has he thought about becoming the Vice Presidential candidate to Mitt Romney's Presidential bid.  He said he hasn't spent a second thinking about that.  Do you believe that?  I don't.  I think there are people in the mix and not in the mix who have thought about it. Why couldn't he tell the truth?  Again, they spoke of Paul Ryan's budget proposal.  How is it possible that the CBO (Congressional Budget Office) has a totally different perspective as Paul Ryan? Aren't numbers, numbers?  How can there be a perspective?  Don't numbers inherently mean facts? Black or White? Cut and dry?  The CBO says that the Ryan budget proposal will decimate poor people.  Paul Ryan disagrees.  Either there are deep cuts in the budget to Food Stamps, Welfare, Medicaid, or there aren't.  Why is it able to be "played"? I don't get it.  It is a common thread in my head.  If it doesn't add up, I shake my head in disgust and puzzlement.

Sidebars:  Dancing With the Stars and The Voice head to head every Monday night.  This week KISS made a guest appearance on DWTS to open the show with "I Want to Rock and Roll All Night." Maybe Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley were brilliant to wear makeup all these years.  Can't tell that they are a bunch of old guys.  Surprising that more bands didn't copy them. Saves on plastic surgery and botox.  Wonder what they will sing tonight. The Voice is always delicious. I love the judges. It's the reason I really watch. My least favorite is Christina Aguilera. She bugs me, though the less make up she wears and the more conservatively she dresses, the ickier are her comments. Cee Lo rocks! Adam and Blake are great and gorgeous.  Wonder who is going home from both shows tonight....Don't know if anyone at The Biggest Loser were listening to me, but the show is only an hour again tonight!  That's the ticket!  Keep it to 60 minutes.  While I was away, Earl Scruggs died and I learned of it late.  I have very fond thoughts of Flatt and Scruggs from my childhood thanks to The Beverly Hillbillies. RIP Mr. Scruggs!

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  1. Love the line about Gene Simmons' make-up saving him money on botox and plastic surgery. I knew he was a good businessman, but wow--what a brilliant move he made 40 years ago!

  2. haha! if only. . .Gene Simmons, as you know, has had thousands of dollars of plastic surgery (Paul Stanley, too). . .guess it was too much for them when they took their make up off at night! Still, it was a good idea. . .Glad you see you back! xox