Friday, April 13, 2012

Stand Tall

The new outrage over statements from Hillary Rosen about Ann Romney not being a working mother is both justified and ridiculous.  It is another distraction.  When you hear Hillary Rosen's complete thought-free statement, it isn't the heresy that it's turned into, but to misstep so blatantly...well, let's just say she might need to find a new job. It's semantics and what I think she was trying to say was not how she said it. Clear?  I didn't think so. I think what Hillary was trying to say was that Ann Romney is not a typical mother and lives in privilege.  She hasn't had to struggle and live within a budget either in the home or out of the home.  What she did say made it seem like she was denigrating stay at home Moms.  It's unfortunate and is one of the problems of 24/7 news cycles.  So many chances to misspeak, so many. 

The frustration that women are feeling by any slight from any direction is justified.  Women are getting creamed every which way from contraception, reproductive rights, equal pay, and equal respect.  We are feeling threatened and every slap in the face stings, but let's stay focussed.  This is a distraction. Let's rise up against all the State legislators that are trying to pass anti-woman's rights legislation, from Arizona to Mississippi and many States in between. Women need to direct their outrage towards those in power trying to send us back to the 19th Century.  I have no doubt that there are many who would take away women's right to vote. Stay the course. Women stand tall and fight back with words, marches, letters, petitions, and votes.  We are under siege, don't doubt that for a second.

Sick of the NRA's silence.  It's abnormal. When police get killed, why can't the leaders of the NRA state their outrage?  When there are innocent victims of gun violence killed or maimed, why can't the NRA be appalled and sorrowful?  Woke up this morning to the news of a Police Chief killed and 4 cops shot in New Hampshire.  Did you hear a statement from the NRA?  Crickets!  They spend so much time and money to arm the citizens of the USA with their so-called 2nd Amendment rights, they forget about the lives tragically lost. We are the most gun crazed country in the world.  Really?  Our Forefathers never saw this coming. How could they?  It's almost unimaginable, except we live it. 

Sidebars: It's going to be a glorious weekend in NYC. Yankees home opener today!  Enjoy your weekend and may the music carry you through until Monday.  

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  1. A++ on this one, Di! Very thoughtful and insightful. Sistahhood is
    powerful - if only. . .
    Today I read that in Mississippi they are about to pass legislation that will close the LAST and ONLY abortion clinic in the state. WTF?