Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Non Rational Association

The NRA needs to be taken down, by other members of the NRA.  Extreme rhetoric cannot be tolerated and the lawful, abiding citizens that believe in the 2nd Amendment in its initial intent need to separate themselves from the violent and over the top speech of the voices of the NRA. Ted Nugent is the latest face of the NRA to say completely irresponsible speech.  I don't understand why no one stands up and rejects the hate speech that Ted Nugent is spewing.  He's just the latest, but really?  Why don't people get over Republican/Democrat/Religious/Non-Religious and stand up to what is right and, obviously, abhorrent behavior.  I don't understand how anyone stands side by side by any extremist unless, you yourself are an extremist. 

I would like to see the moderate members of the NRA shout loudly that this is not the representation they want on their behalf.  I would like to see the gun-pandering Republican party leaders to shout loudly that this kind of speech is wrong and doesn't represent the majority.  The silence, however, from the Right makes it seem that they are okay with this kind of language.  It all works into their ultimate goal to take down President Obama at all cost, but is this what they mean?  Really at all cost?  They have already not served the people of this country with their goal to stop Obama's success.  Do they really want that?  I go back to my core mantra about common sense.  It doesn't make any sense to me whatsoever. To stand up and do what's right keeps getting sidelined for the destruction of the Obama Presidency.  Unbearable. Unacceptable. Shameful.

Sidebars:  The Voice continues not to disappoint.  The eliminations last night were shocking.  DWTS tossed Gavin DeGraw last night.  It was not a surprise out of the dancers left.  It will get increasingly more difficult. The Biggest Loser mutiny episode was unbelievable. The contestants all met with the NBC lawyer and Alison Sweeney.  They went over their contractual obligations and two of them still walked.  Does the word lawsuit mean anything?  The lawyer never said anything about legal ramifications and I thought he should.  Don't want people to think that signed contracts are meaningless. Not sure I have it in me to continue with Girls on HBO. I will do one more episode, but I may not be the audience. 

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