Monday, December 17, 2012

Stick a Fork in It!

I'm done being reasonable. I'm done having understanding for the 2nd Amendment lovers. I'm done.  Totally and absolutely done.  The silence from "law-abiding" gun owners is deafening.  Where are they in all this?  If you don't speak out, aren't you culpable?  We as a nation have criticized the silent Muslims around the world for the heinous acts in the name of Allah, so isn't it time that we hold gun owners to the same standard?  

There is no reason for guns of mass destruction.  There is no reason for guns able to kill in multiples.  None.  I have supported the rights of gun owners that want to hunt and want to protect their homes and families, but have to meet me half way.  You stand so terrified that we want to take away all guns, you can't see straight. The more silent and stubborn you are, the more guns I want to take away.  Do I care if you can go hunting?  No, I have understood the primitive sport.  Now, don't care.  If you don't care about my rights to be safe and my childrens' rights to be safe, and my neighbors' rights to be safe, then I don't care if you can go kill Bambi and eat her through the winter or mount the head over your mantel.  Why are we worried about gun rights?  Why aren't we worried about the people's rights?

I will keep saying it, our Forefathers couldn't see this coming 250 years down the road.  Their intent was to keep family, property, and the new Nation safe.  Close your eyes and try to picture the vastness of this new Nation and how far apart people lived from each other and from cities. There may have been a need when one Sheriff covered large expansive areas, not anymore. I feel confident in my heart that the signers of the Bill of Rights would feel horrified.  Just like Allah would be horrified.  Just like Jesus would be horrified.  Sure crazy people can twist anything to justify mass murders, but if they don't have access to guns of mass destruction, it's far more difficult to succeed before being taken down by police.  

The silence is deafening.  The NRA won't make a comment until all the facts are in.  WTF?  Are they kidding?  Twenty children are dead from multiple bullets, some as many as eleven, as well as, six teachers!  Seriously?  You can't make a statement before all the facts are in?  Really?  I'm done. My understanding meter burst.  Done. Your silence speaks volumes.  

Sidebars:  As a mother of twins, I am feeling more shattered than I expected.  Dear, sweet Noah Pozner was a twin.  His twin sister, Ariel, survived the nightmare.  I didn't hear that until 5:30am this morning.  Noah called Ariel his best friend.  She was in a different classroom.  I truly can't comprehend the anguish.  Today begins the first of 26 funerals. If you didn't hear the President's words of compassion and strength at the Newtown vigil last night, Google it.  If you agree with any or all of what I said, please re-post, forward to friends, scream from hilltops.  This is a ground swell. Let's not stop stepping on the gas.  Keep the pressure on.  Changes are necessary.  I want to do more than write and sign petitions, but I am not sure what that will be or can be.  Stay safe.  

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  1. This morning, Imus, who is a gun owner and NRA supporter, called for a total ban on all assault weapons and said in response to the nasty emails he was getting, "if you don't like what I said, don't listen. It's time for the craziness to end."

    This is a step forward.