Thursday, December 20, 2012

Heard This Song Before

Our communal attention, thankfully, is still on the violent acts by a mentally deranged young man in a quiet "New England" town. Everyday there are photos and videos of funerals, wakes, and memorials.  Publicly, the NRA has been incredibly slow to respond.  On the NRA video channel (who knew?), a female talking head wants teachers to be armed in the classroom.  She isn't alone in that sentiment.  The few "brave" souls that are still pro-guns have supported the increase in guns in gun-free zones.  

Oh, my God.  Is that the dumbest thing you've ever heard?  Think about it will you?  I am packing a pistol in my shoulder or hip holster, a mad man comes in with his semi-automatic weapons with the capacity to shoot 60 rounds a minute, I reach for my gun...I'm dead anyway. The dumbest people.  

Bill O'Reilly was one of the loudest voices about violent entertainment and its impact on the young in the Newtown aftermath.  Haven't we heard that song before?  It's not the fault of movies, video games, or television.  Do I wish that there was more thoughtful content in all media? Yes, I do, but this is not only a Free Speech issue, it is a parental issue.  How many times have I gone to R rated movies and there were 10 year olds or younger?  Parents need to both know their own child (which may or may not be possible in a dysfunctional family) and be mindful that their kids may be affected by the violent images that they are barraged with.  There has to be responsibility among the adults.  If you are a parent and are desperate to see the Quentin Tarantino movie, get a babysitter for your kids. Do not take them to see one of his movies.  As brilliant as they may be, they are full of shock and awe. I am not beating up Quentin Tarantino, Bill O'Reilly is.  There are many examples of movies that parents allow or take their kids to see that I am amazed by.  Know your child.  There's plenty of time to be subjected to horrifying visual images.  And believe me, if people stopped going to violent movies or buying violent video games, they wouldn't make them anymore.  It's whatever sells. Period.

With the future of guns of mass destruction now in doubt, Walmart, Kmart, and any other mart that sells these guns are flying off the shelves.  The panic of not being able to kill multiples is driving people straight to the stores.  Is that f**king ridiculous?  Can't the stores and corporations show some responsibility here, too?  They could put a moratorium on sales until things are settled in this Nation.  I continually find it horrifying that people's desire to be armed for war is supported by the NRA, the government, sellers, and citizens alike.  How does anybody sleep at night? 

Sidebars:  Busy week of finales on television. The Voice is over with the crowning of Cassadee Pope. Survivor finished with Denise winning the grand prize. The X Factor crowns its champ tonight.  Homeland ending a heart pounding and wrenching season 2.  I hope it doesn't take them too long to put Season 3 on the air.  Claire Danes and Hugh D'Ancy had their baby yesterday, Cyrus Michael D'Ancy.  Congratulations to them.  The Knicks are still kicking butt.  Amazing and shocking, but keeping all of us engrossed from game to game.  College Bowl season is upon us.  Too many, don't care, and looking forward to that being over.  The NCAA have just ruined all the college football traditions. Stripped it all away. Cha-ching at all cost. All the kids are getting out for the winter break, so wishing everyone a fun-filled, magical, couple of weeks.  I still may be writing but enjoy whatever you are doing.

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