Monday, December 10, 2012

Left Holding the Bag

I feel desperately sorry for Mel Greig and Michael Christian.  They are the Australian DJ's who made the last prank phone call they will ever make to the absolutely wrong person.  A perfect storm that couldn't have been seen from down under, thousands of miles away. Did anyone at St. Edwards Hospital have an inkling that Jacintha Saldanha was in desperate need of help and therapy?  When the story broke before the tragedy, I thought it was a bit amusing, silly, and surprising.  I couldn't believe that security was so lax.  I couldn't believe that any information would've been given over the phone to anyone, especially the future Queen of England.  A very private stay in the hospital took a very unimaginable turn.  That the nurse committed suicide and left her husband and two children is nothing short of tragic.  The pain felt by all that knew her can't be measured or minimized.  But, and this is a big but, the DJ's, who made the call, lives are forever changed.  They lost their radio show.  They only spoke out publicly today.  Through their tears and disbelief, their lives as they know them are done.  Should they be fired from the station?  Well, taking away their radio show seems to be just that with salary.  What I didn't know until today...this was a taped prank that was sent for approval to management and legal.  Really?  The big honchos said play it and the DJ's lose their jobs?  Really??  Misplaced anger and terminations.

Bob Costas was so thrown under the bus by his bosses at NBC for his pre-approved statement for gun control on last week's Sunday Night Football.  His bosses knew what he was going to say, let him say it, and when things got hot and critical, they hung him out to dry.  Talent gets the blame.

The NFL is also hanging out their players for profit.  Week in and week out, player after player is injured and taken out of the game.  I am sure someone has the stats, I don't, but this year seems worse than ever.  Sunday is all about who makes it through the game unharmed.  It isn't easy and watching pro football has become so uncomfortable and painful.  The NFL could start by not amplifying all the sounds on the field.  There are so many rules that could be administered to help minimize the elevated brutality of a sport that is watched by so many Americans every weekend.  I am finding it nauseating and it's all for profit.  The players are bigger than ever and physical weapons of destruction.

Sidebars:  If you aren't on board with Homeland, get the series from Netflix or Showtime on Demand.  It really is a great ride.  The Amazing Race finale was so incredibly satisfying on so many levels.  It was illustrative that Karma is a bitch.  It was hilarious to read the messages on The Amazing Race message board when the 4th team was out.  Instantaneous reactions. Jenni Rivera and her whole team were killed in another small plane crash.  Hope we find out the cause, but why doesn't anyone learn not to fly small planes?  We have lost so many over the years in small planes.  Jenni Rivera was just on the cusp of becoming known to all of us with an ABC series deal....60 Minutes with Hugh Jackman was very satisfying.  I am sure you can Google it if you missed it.  The star-studded 12/12/12 Benefit Concert at Madison Square Garden is another disgrace to fans.  Tickets were sold out in seconds and are going for up to $27,000. That is a lot of money and would maybe be "okay" if the money was all going to charity, but it's not.  The scalpers are getting an end of the year windfall. 

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