Tuesday, November 1, 2011

I Did, but....

Okay, in some ways no surprise, but really 72 days???  Really Kim Kardashian?  Just when embarrassingly I was coming around about you, you hoodwinked me, your devoted fans (whoever they may be) and your pitiful husband.  I saw a few episodes over the summer of Keeping Up With the Kardashians and thought, man, tough crowd.  It seemed impossible to get into the family.  Even Bruce Jenner has difficulty and he is the patriarch. That group of women are as thick as thieves and have each other's back.  It's the Kardashian mafia.  It is ruled by the women without question.  Even Rob fights for a place among his sisters; he had to go on Dancing With the Stars to find his own identity. After spending 10 million dollars on an over the top wedding, raking in over 17 million dollars on countless interviews, tabloid articles, and a two night special on the E channel, it's over!  It is an embarrassment. It is such a "sucker's born every minute" moment.  This time there are millions of suckers.  

Kim even used her deceased father to pry some tears out of herself and fans.  Bruce Jenner brought her all these shirts of her Dad's so she could sew a piece into her dress.  Kim openly wept over the shirts and her father's "smell." She took Kris, her fiance, to the cemetery to have a moment at her father's graveside.  Really, Kim??  Using your dead father?  So distasteful, nauseating. 

Kim and Kris were such a mismatched couple from the outset, but they say opposites attract.  She didn't believe him that he wanted to live in Minnesota and he clearly didn't know Kim.  She was never going to live out of the limelight. Won't this hurt Kim's branding?  I have really never understood why people are so enamored by the Kardashians.  Can this huge, public debacle be the end of the Kardashians?  Could we get that lucky?  

So, as heterosexuals mock marriage, why are there still people in this country that don't support marriage equality?  Gay couples can't do worse....

Sidebars:  Don't forget to pass the word around regarding Mississippi's misogynistic Proposition 26.  For more information, http://www.votenoon26.org.  

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