Friday, November 25, 2011

Working It Out

Honestly, I hate to work out. I have never felt that endorphin rush that others thrive on and brag about and keeps them going back for more and more and more.  Not ever.  I don't get it.  I get the piece of it that it is imperative for good health to not just sit down on the couch all day.  I do get that, but it is so much more enjoyable.  Going to the gym for me is so boring.  Don't like to have to look cute in a public gym. Don't like to have to be fashionable in my garb. Don't like to see people working out.  Much happier taking my walks all over NYC.  Love watching people, seeing the buildings, the dogs, the trees.  Love it!  

Unfortunately, in the past couple of years, it has become much more difficult for me to walk either because it has been so incredibly hot or incredibly cold and inclement.  When my kids were younger, I dropped them off at school and almost everyday went to breakfast with Moms.  I'd have an all white omelette with cheese, whole wheat toast, and coffee.  That was almost daily.  I'd walk home from there about a mile.  I was at my best fighting weight. Since my kids go to school on their own, there is not Mom's breakfast, and I am not walking home.  So I am eating less (theoretically), maybe walking less during the height of the summer's heat and the winter's wind chill, and have gained weight.  

I hate thinking about weight.  Hate it.  I don't own a scale so I only weigh myself at the doctor's.  I started taking Tamoxifen two years ago, which has wreaked havoc on my weight.  I am going to try to move my body daily, no matter what.  I have to if I want to feel better again.  Maybe when I stop taking the Tamoxifen, things will move back to where they belong. So, it isn't a New Year's resolution, it isn't even a day after Thanksgiving resolution.  I have been thinking about it for awhile. Sometimes I feel if I think about it a lot, it's almost as good as doing it.  It is a "I went to the doctor and got on the scale" resolution.  This resolution is one day at a time, otherwise, I will absolutely fail.  I will pat myself on the back for each day I do something. That's all I can do.  

Sidebars:  Surprised that a renowned producer, L.A. Reid, trashed a song for being too grown up for a teenager to sing on the X Factor when it was originally a Demi Lovato song.  I thought he'd know that or ask first before he made such a national faux pas.  Hope everyone survived Black Friday!  

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  1. oh Di, I know how you feel, having always struggled with weight. It is such a drag. But I am more than grateful that you may have a few extra pounds (which only you can see) and that you're HERE than anything else. I have always thought you've had a healthy attitude towards weight and your body and have admired that (still do). This is such an honest piece and I applaud you for that. LOVE YOU (off to eat some pie)

  2. I go, although I do it without ambition, which helps. Fortunately, I like biking, so a faux-ride on the stationary bike takes up about 30 mins. Then I choose the lowest weight on the legs machines and just try to do "good ones" as the instructor in Australia said. Form is everything, I tell myself, so that makes it creative rather than laborious. Gyms are getting smarter about providing exercise areas, so on arms days I do a beginner's pilates workout (again, no ambition), and if I'm so moved it's off to the arms machines. I go through the motions at minimum. If the muscles are so pleased to tell me they want more, they will tell me so. I go through the motions and listen.

  3. Diana, I SO hear you. I have tried every day of my life, and will have to try every day for the rest of it. We do what we can do. It's s constant struggle but I refuse to give up. =D You go girl.