Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Proposition 26

As I sat here on election day, hearing reports that the Mississippi Proposition 26 is too close to call.  I was thoroughly shocked and appalled.  I don't understand why pro-choice isn't enough.  If you are a religious person that believes that life begins at conception, then don't have intercourse, use contraception, and if God forbid, you get pregnant, have the baby.  What if you don't believe that life begins at conception, you are having sex, using contraception, get pregnant, and choose to make the painstaking decision to have an abortion and the laws say you can't?  What then?  I feel pro-lifers think that people who choose to have abortions, take it lightly as if they are throwing out the garbage.  Women that I know that made the difficult decision to have an abortion agonized over what to do.  There is no easy answer, but choice is imperative for women.  Why are we still arguing about abortion after 40 years of legalization?  Why are "we" so fixated on such a personal decision? Why do we allow religiosity to infringe on all of our rights?  No one is making pro-lifers to have an abortion.  That would be something, wouldn't it?  Any unwanted/unexpected pregnancy was forced to be terminated.  That would be turning the tables.  It is ludicrous to think that the government could/would do that, so why isn't it true the other way?  Why do all women have to live by the beliefs of some?  This is so unbearable that we keep coming back to this.  This country and it's politicians are so shortsighted and so committed to the minutiae.  We need visionaries!  Proposition's like 26 makes me want the South to secede from the USA.  

I stayed up late last night to hear the results and it was too close to call way past midnight.  Waking up this morning the final count wasn't in the Times or the Post.  Proposition 26 did not pass.  Maybe there is a God?

Sidebars:  Nancy Grace is finally off Dancing With the Stars.  Tom Bergeron is discussing that Dancing With the Stars may need to pare down to one season a year.  Their ratings are down 14%.  Maybe it would help if there wasn't so much filler and the show could take up less time per week.  All these shows should take a page from The Amazing Race. One hour, chockful of action, leaving you wanting more....

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  1. Mississippi is yet to be introduced to the 20th Century, let alone the 21st.