Tuesday, November 22, 2011


It has been a very long time since I longed to be twelve years old, but last night at Madison Square Garden, I did.  My husband and I went to see Taylor Swift at the "new and improved" Madison Square Garden.  Hard for me to tell in the concert setting if it's better.  They made the common areas large so everybody can spend ridiculous amounts of money on food and merchandise.  The entry ways into the seats are narrow so pouring out of the Garden all at the same time is a bit dicey.  Back to being twelve.  We got to the Garden for an 8pm concert and, lo and behold, it began at 7pm.  We missed most of the opening act which was as loud and ear busting as ever.  We got to our seats and saw a sea of mostly young girls.  They were dressed up in fancy clothes, Taylor Swift t-shirts, Xmas lights blinking, signs lit up, and the excitement was palpable.  

At about 8:20, the huge red curtain began to move.  The shrieks and screams began.  The curtain pulled back and there she was...Taylor Swift.  Taking in each and every second.  Inhaling New York City.  Inhaling the screams. Inhaling the sea of people adoring her.  There are people that aren't sure if she is for real. There are people that think that she does the same looks of appreciation at every concert. I think she is one of those rare birds and she takes nothing for granted.  She loves her fans and shows her love.  She holds meet and greets before every concert.  (Such a Country music thing to do).  Astonishingly, she walks from the main stage through the crowds, touching as many people physically and spiritually as she can. She climbs upon a small little platform and takes in the new view and sings 3 songs.  In the middle of the third song, she makes her way back on the other side of the floor, reaching out, hugging, smiling until she retains her rightful place back on center stage.  

It is remarkable.  I have been to many concerts in my life.  I have never seen any performer soak in the experience so much and co-mingle with her fans. I am unabashedly an admirer.  I only wish I could have been like one of the many young girls who sang every lyric to every song.  It might be something to strive for for the next tour....


  1. Setting up a small stage and playing 20 minutes of her act to the back of the audience is unheard of. She must've hugged a thousand girls along the way. She's truly a unique individual.

  2. not to burst your bubble AT ALL but, for the record, I've seen both Jon Bon Jovi and Mick Jagger perform similarly. The Stones often have a little stage set up towards the back for the "little people". Bon Jovi + co. walked thru the audience and just played in the aisles. Not to take one thing away from Taylor Swift but fair is fair. She's not the first.