Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Deep Sigh

What's the deal?  It is very difficult for me to understand Republicans.  I admit it.  It was difficult enough when Reagan was the President, when Newt was Speaker of the House, but this group of Republicans is unbelievable.  They make my bobble- head keep bobbling.  Facts and history don't matter and if they do, like to Mitt, no one has the guts to stand up and go against the far crazy right. How am I supposed to figure how the blatant and covert racism since Obama has been President is bizarrely muted towards Herman Cain?  Cain can do or say anything and his polling goes up?  How can "religious" people stand by a person who has clearly made some bad judgments towards women?  Not only do they stand by, they like him even more?  My frown lines are getting deeper and my shoulder muscles are getting tenser. It makes no sense.  Why does the Republican party not ask more from its candidates?  I know many educated and learned Republicans.  I don't understand how they can align themselves with a party that in its current state is embracing the dumbing down of their candidates and their people.  I don't get it.  It really went full blown with Sarah Palin and hasn't righted itself since.  

I am a registered Democrat but don't feel that aligned with them.  I would become an Independent but I don't like to give up my right to vote in the Primary elections, so I stay registered as a Democrat.  Not thrilled with the Democratic party either.  The Democrats don't support ignorance and denial, which works better for me.  They just seem so weak.  They are chihuahuas to pit bulls of the Republican party. They don't espouse religiosity.  I am sick of religion in politics.  Sick of it.  After the poison of money, religion is ruining our political system.  Can you believe that Congress spent a vote re-making "In God We Trust" the National motto??  Really???  The Economy has tanked.  Millions are out of work.  Healthcare is still a disaster and the only thing Congress can agree on is the National motto?  It is a bloody outrage.  Washington DC is broken.  I don't know how it can get fixed.  Well, I know how, but it won't happen.  Get the money out and dissolve the lobbyists.  Turn K Street into a beautiful mall of shops and stores.  Put lobbyists on unemployment.  

Aren't Senators and Congressmen supposed to be lobbyists for their constituents?  Isn't that why we send them to DC?  Do what's best for their town, state, country???  Where did it all go wrong?

Sidebars:  Dancing With the Stars is down to its final five.  If Nancy Grace doesn't go home tonight....Called it right on the revival of Godspell.  Times and NY Post critical of the updating of the script and musical arrangements. How long will it run now?  

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