Friday, November 11, 2011

The King

Oh, my goodness.  I never imagined that in the years 2011 that I would say goodbye to All My Children, and now...Regis.  I have watched Regis Philbin since I went to UCLA.  He had the local morning talk show on KABC with Cyndy Garvey.  I loved him right away.  Funny, charming, and curmudgeonly.  He was the first person that I saw to interview on the "red carpet" at the Academy Awards.  It was the perfect pre-party in those days.  It was local and not the current over the top extravaganzas.  I moved to NY in 1981 and had to say "goodbye" to Regis.  

How could I have ever imagined that Regis would follow me to NYC.  He started another local talk show here on WABC.  My mornings were revived.  I was so happy and felt like home was complete.  Horrors upon horrors, Cyndy left.  What would happen to the chemistry now?  Ann Abernathy came in.  A Southern woman who became an ample foil for Regis.  When she got married and moved away, more auditions were held for Regis' co-host.  Auditioning was Kathie Lee Johnson (now Gifford) whom I always was irritated by on Good Morning America, but when she sat down next to Regis...magic.  They were a perfect match.  Funny, irreverent, self-deprecating. After fifteen years and probably  one year too long, Kathie Lee left to seek new horizons. Enter Kelly Ripa, darling, funny and personable, star from All My Children.  Eleven years later....

Regis is leaving his morning talk show.  The one he created, originated, and inspired countless copy cats.  Regis is one of a kind.  Born and raised in the Bronx.  Fit seamlessly into life in Hollywood and returned to his roots in New York almost thirty years ago.  He has represented New York well.  He has shared thousands of stories and relayed them in his own inimitable fashion.  Regis Philbin is of the old school but kept evolving into an iconic television star.  There will never be another like him.  I don't think that there will ever be someone else that spent their lives in front of the cameras.  In today's market, it's too difficult.  He is the hope diamond.  He will not be replaced.  I am sorry that in all these years in New York together we never got to have lunch.  I don't know where this chapter of his life will take him.  I am guessing back to Los Angeles to be near his children and grandchildren.  Always a die hard Yankee fan and New Yorker.  Regis, you will be sorely missed.  I never ever thought this day would come.  I really didn't.  Your gain is our loss.  The New York landscape won't be the same. 
Regis, I love you!

Sidebars:  If you have never taken the time to watch Regis, it isn't too late. Next week is his last week.  Friday, 11/18/11 is his last day.  Hope that Kelly Ripa who just signed a 5 year extension can thrive.  Good luck, Kelly!  

Happy weekend!  Happy Veteran's Day!  It's 11/11/11.

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  1. aw, I don't even watch and wish he weren't leaving. he needed to stay till the very end. sucks.