Wednesday, November 16, 2011

A is for Alabama

Okay, people, I have been alive for 52 years.  I grew up in the great State of California.  I grew up hearing about political unrest, be-ins, love-ins, migrant farmworkers, Cesar Chavez, women's lib, Gloria Steinman, and human rights.  What I learned from those many years, clearly, the Governor of Alabama didn't. 

Governor Bentley signed into law the most severe immigration law in the country.  The Federal government is suing Alabama just like the other States that are making it a State issue over Federal, but I digress.  All the farmworkers from Mexico fled in fear of being picked up by the police.  Can anyone guess what is happening to the farmers in Bama?  Any guesses, people? You got it.  The fruits and vegetables are rotting.  

Why can't lawmakers understand that the problem isn't simple? There are many layers, but the fallacy that has been used all these years...illegal immigrants are taking the jobs away from the citizens of the USA. That is the biggest bunch of bull that has been handed down for decades.  Illegal immigrants are not executives at Apple or Alabama University.  They are working in the fields for fourteen hour days, they are taking care of your children, your lawns.  Seriously, if Governor Bentley's supposition was correct, the farmers would have lines and lines of out of work Americans lined up to work in the fields.  Ha! Americans don't want to do that kind of back breaking grueling work for peanuts! It's been proven time and time again.

Now, I know that there are serious issues regarding the stress illegal immigrants put on school systems, hospitals, etc., but a sweeping ban on illegals will not work. The Mexican immigrants that cross into this country are willing to do the seriously hard labor that the fine citizens of this country will not do.  There has to be a better way.  Just wait until the produce prices go up at the market.  Do you want to hear that outcry?

Sidebars:  Justin Bieber's pregnant accuser drops her suit.  He is now suing her.  Perfect!  Maksam and Hope Solo tossed from Dancing With the Stars.  And finally, I want to correct myself on the Sandusky interview.  I watched it in its entirety and from a psychological standpoint, it was fascinating. Bob Costas did a great interview.  Albeit, one of the creepiest interviews I have ever seen or heard. Thrilled to see that the Gabby Giffords interview opposite the Sandusky interview crushed them in the ratings.  A ray of hope for this country. I'll take it.

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  1. That Alabama governor was just so creepy. He kept saying how he "understood" and felt bad for the farmers. I'm so sick of disingenuousness. As you said, the farmers that were interviewed on the piece on Rock Center said the longest any American hired to work in the fields lasted was 2 wks.
    I watched that interview and was thinking how Alabama was one state I could NEVER imagine going to. It is heartbreaking listening to people like the bakery owners, good citizens, that are going to lose everything. Yes, it's layered but it is so NOT black and white like so many of those shortsighted thinkers believe.
    and, omg, that Sandusky interview was crazy. How could his lawyer allow him to do that? How about when Costas asked him if he was sexually attracted to little boys and he. . . PAUSED and repeated the question??!! As Jon Stewart said, you only repeat a question asked to you when you are getting ready to lie. How could he not have vehemently and aggressively DENIED any sexual attraction to young boys - IMMEDIATELY. How could he shower with a young boy and think that's okay, or innocent? Lord, I could go on and on with my own rant but I won't jack your space. Or maybe I already have, haha!! xoxo

  2. We love our Mexicans here in New York. Alabama can send them to us. As far as visiting Alabama is concerned, I believe that there are non-stop flights to Memphis or Nashville or Atlanta, so we would never have to stop in Alabama on any visit to the South.