Thursday, November 3, 2011

Oh, Sigh

I am in a quandary.  There is so much going on in the world, and, yet, I am feeling a bit defeated by it all.  The people at Occupy Wall Street are committed to staying where they are through snow, sleet, wind, and hail.  They are risking everything for what they believe and then a few are spoilers in the group causing unrest with police.  The Oakland Police, really??  Really??  Have you missed the riots and confrontations with "the people" since the early 70's?  Did they not learn the history of Oakland?  Didn't the Mayor of Oakland just say no more tear gas into crowds?  If I heard it in NY, why didn't the police?  Believe me, I am not so naive to think that there aren't some opportunistic protesters with their own agendas, but the Oakland police have a history of brute force.  I remember the newscasts from my childhood.  It is vivid in my memory and looks much like today.  The protesters can't allow vandalism and looters.  That will not help further the cause.  OWSers need the support of all the 99% to make changes occur.  Don't let the waters get muddied. They had a victory with Bank of America  taking back their announced debit card fees under pressure.  Congratulations! Don't muddy the waters.

If you haven't heard about Proposition 26 in Mississippi, time is running out.  You can read my rant about it or Google it yourself.  Please don't let this go by without noise.  Women and men need to be concerned with the assault on Women's rights.  It affects us all.  Go to  The election is Tuesday.  If it passes in Mississippi, it will get to all of our doorsteps soon enough.  

The grass roots petition to get money out of politics is slowly growing.  If you want to sign the petition go to,  Money is destroying our political system.  There is no level playing field.  It has to stop or this system as we know it will explode.  

Sidebars:  Crushed that David Arquette was kicked off Dancing With the Stars.  He was a sheer delight and so fun to see his little girl, Coco, and ex-wife Courtney Cox rooting for him.  Do you think they knew in advance that he was going?  It was the first show Coco and Courtney weren't present for.  Can't believe that Nancy Grace has that many fans. 

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  1. rock it sis! i'm gonna post this on my fb and hope people read it.