Monday, November 14, 2011

Party, party, party

Party over country.  I don't get that philosophy.  I have said it before and I will say it again.  I know some very educated and smart Republicans.  What I don't understand is supporting a "less than" candidate.  I know friends that will vote Republican over voting for Barack Obama no matter what.  That is hard for me to swallow.  The candidates on the Republican side are less than stellar.  They may be nice people in their private lives but in their public lives facts and integrity are a slippery slope. 

In my voting life, I have never felt that both candidates for President were worthy.  I understand that the Presidential election of Nixon and Kennedy was the last set of worthy adversaries.  Both smart, experienced, and educated.  Since then, not so much.  I often feel like it is the lesser of two "evils." Now in the 21st Century it is evolving into who is smarter, knows history, isn't deluded by religiosity.  What kind of election is that? 

Why is it acceptable to support candidates that don't have knowledge?  Why is it acceptable to support candidates that are hypocrites. Why is it acceptable to support candidates on private, religious views and not facts?  The Republican party has changed so much to my dismay.  I think many prominent Republicans, like Carl Rove, think things are going too far.  To lead this country, the candidate needs to support the majority of the people's views.  Politicians have cut themselves off so much. They only want to be confronted by like minded people.  I think that began with George W.  The people in his crowds were always "his" people.  They didn't want any opposing speech during his rallies.  I don't recall that ever happening so blatantly.  That makes the candidates and the President sheltered and removed from all Americans. 

Why don't the smart, educated conservatives demand more from their candidates?  If Republicans would take the Jesus out of politics, they would be more palatable.  As long as Republican candidates want to shout loudly about social issues and not National issues, they are less than and not moving forward or for that matter, living in the present.

Sidebars:  The Duggars announced last week that they are having their 20th child.  Hard to explain why that is so yucky. 
An addendum to my thoughts and feelings on Regis Philbin, I didn't realize that they pushed him off his throne.  It all came to light for me this past weekend.  Those executives at ABC are ruining daytime television.  Wonder how big their bonuses are....

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  1. Now there's a slogan we can all get behind: "Let's Take the Jesus out of Politics." Love this idea.