Thursday, November 17, 2011

Marginally Enjoyable

The other day I thought, I'd treat myself to a movie during the day.  I had really wanted to see the movie, Margin Call.  My husband and Regis both liked it a lot.  Regis had said it really help to clarify the whole financial debacle.  Besides, it has a great cast.  So I got to the movie and there were ten people scattered throughout the theatre.  The previews began and the opening credits started.  Five minutes into the movie, two people arrived late with gigantic tubs of popcorn each.  I thought, "great, now I will have to hear them chomping during the whole movie."  If only.  These people talked, made weird noises, were disruptive. Another patron told them sternly to be quiet.  They didn't care. There were shhhhh's from others.  The male spoke back to the screen or tried to finish the sentence of an actor on the screen. Really???  

The movie experience has deteriorated so much, at least in New York City.  The theatres are not movie palaces anymore. The cost is ridiculous for seeing the movie and buying treats.  And now, every week when movies open on Friday, there is always a movie in 3D.  Really?  3D?  That means that the price of seeing a movie goes up at least 25%.  I don't want 3D movies.  Never did, but now it is becoming common place.  

Remember, for those older readers, when you went to the movies there were ushers?  The ushers walked up and down the aisles periodically to make sure that the patrons were acting correctly or not making out.  It made the movie experience more comfortable.  Now, if there is a problem while in the movie, you have to miss a chunk of the story to track down someone to do something.  We are paying more and getting far less for our dollars.  There is no security, no ushers, and no manners.  

If you arrive late, don't sit in the seat in front of me!  If you arrive late and don't get to see the little vignettes about how to act in the theatre, err on the side of quiet.  If you arrive late, don't come in with a lot of noisy shopping bags.  The people that are there, paid their money, planned their time, didn't miss the beginning of the movie, and deserve courteous behavior.  Do not speak aloud ever unless a crime is occurring.  

As far as the movie even with all the distractions, I really liked Margin Call. Found it fascinating and it has stayed with me.  When I got home and talked to my sister, she hated it.  Had to laugh. The complete opposite spectrum.  I do recommend it. 

Sidebars: The X Factor had rock and roll night.  The singers were supposed to pick songs from the incredibly large annals of rock music.  Only 3 out of 9 hit it.  I would have thought that it would have been a piece of cake to pick a song, but clearly, the contestants and judges had a myriad of opinions of what denotes a rock song.  Big demonstrations for Occupy Wall Street today.  The producers of the thought provoking movie, Race to Nowhere, are taking the next step. They want parents, students, and teachers to sign a pledge for no homework on weekends and vacations.  I am all for that.  If you haven't seen this movie go to and see where it is screening near you.  

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