Monday, October 31, 2011

Can't Stop Shaking My Head

If you want to understand why the people are mad all around the world, watch the HBO movie "Too Big To Fail."  It took me three attempts to get through it because it is so bleak and depressing.  It seems to be a well dramatized re-telling of what caused the financial crises beginning in 2008.  It is painful and raw, but I think important to see.  How screwed you must feel if you worked for Lehman Brothers.  How pissed you feel when they pass TARP, force the banks to take money from the government to hold them all up, and all under the pretense that the banks would start lending money again.  Wow, that didn't happen.  They held onto all the money and made bags more.  

It is easy to be mad at the banks and Wall Street.  They make it so easy.  All the 99% of Americans hear about is their profits and vastly obscene bonuses.  Hard to understand why they deserve such huge bonuses.  What did they produce? Create?  Nothing but more paper and money. It doesn't feel like the men in charge of Wall Street and the banks have any conscious at all.  It wouldn't take much for these obscenely big companies, these "too big to fail" companies, to gain the admiration of the people.  I really think that it is the lack of atonement, for lack of a better word, that makes the people appalled and frustrated.  

Remember when Mark Zuckerberg gave $100 million dollars to the city of Newark for their schools?  Not sure what ever happened with that, but if they can pull it off, it will be life changing for the area.  Remember when State's introduced lotteries under the guise that all the money raised would go to education?  That was a pack of lies.  If all that money raised went to schools, we would have the education that we so richly deserve, but somehow that money gets squandered.  It is why many are skeptical of what good it would do to raise taxes.  Another pay raise for Congress? They should start getting less money for the obstructionist government they are running. 

This theme of money will keep coming up because it is the root of all things, whether you have money or not.  If you want money out of politics, sign the petition at  If the people rise up, maybe some day we can "take the country back."  Away from the lobbyists, the corporations, the partisan supreme court, and so on.  Wait until I see the movie, Margin Call!

Sidebars:  Madoffs, go away!  Snow in October! Happy Halloween!
If you can give the smallest amount to help defeat Proposition 26 in Mississippi, please do.  They are trying to rule our womb's.


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