Tuesday, October 25, 2011


This morning my mind is reeling with so many thoughts.  Trying to hone.  What I do know is that the biggest buffoon and luckiest man to still have a job is Reed Hastings, CEO of Netflix.  How is it possible to single-handedly tank a company by one's decision making and still have a job?  Netflix tanked another 29 points yesterday.  It is the lead story in all the business sections here.  BUT he still has his job?  It's as if Reed Hastings works for Blockbuster secretly and is trying to take down the company.  I have never witnessed anything so public and so blatant in my life.  Other companies have had problems before, but Netflix' problems were self made.  The company was doing swimmingly until Reed Hastings made decisions that dismantled its success.  I have no doubt that MBA programs will be studying this model of what not to do in years to come.  But really, he still has his job??  Only in America, folks.

As long as I can remember, the political debate has continued to be on the same subjects.  Abortion is still debated in every election cycle.  Really?  Why is it still a political football?  The Supreme Court (before it was partisan) made its decision.  The Justices heard arguments and decided to legalize abortion.  The High Court didn't say you have to have abortions.  It gave women the right to choose.  Why is that a problem?  Choice is good.  CHOICE.  Every woman can decide what works for her.  Oil.  We have been tortured by the debate to be energy independent for over 50 years.  We have decided to just keep arguing and not doing anything at all.  It is ridiculous that we have lost all these decades with partisan interests.  Climate change gets shredded during every campaign season.  Gun control gets argued about every election.  Who has the most guns?  Who killed the biggest animals? Don't take my 2nd Amendment away from me.  Really? What I don't understand is there have to be answers to all these issues.  Maybe not one answer, but isn't it better to err on the side of caution?  Isn't it better to discuss ways to conduct industry, energy, business, ourselves that may save the planet in the long run?  Politicians throw religion in our face which is grounded in blind faith.  Why can't politicians have the same "what if"  in our planet and its people?  Why can't politicians look at the greater good and not immediate gratification? Oh, this won't be the last I spew on this either.  I, too, am sick of rehashing the same issues, but until we get off the treadmill....

Sidebars: Dancing With the Stars last night was Broadway night.  It is always thrilling to hear great music, but it did take me aback when one couple's song choice was Walk Like a Man.  That's a Frankie Valli song. Oh, yeah, right.  Jersey Boys.  Though it is a Broadway show...stretching it to call it a Broadway song. Okay, okay, I digress.  Fireworks two seasons in a row with Max and the judges.  He was pissed at the judges for their comments.  I actually think that Max was right, but wrong in his delivery.  He didn't like the comments that he and Hope Solo received, but he was sticking up for all the dancers and some of the comments.  I do think sometimes the judges cut below the belt and I think Max had had it up to here.  He may just be the wrong spokesman but he has the biggest set of balls.  I think that the bottom two couples tonight will be Hope and Max and Chaz and Lacey. Chaz should go home.  Love him, though, and admire his journey. 

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  1. you always get me thinking. it's a good outlet for you and for me, vicariously. . .