Sunday, October 9, 2011

Pop Mish Mash

Just when I thought that Glee had "jumped the shark," they did it again this week; good writing and some of the best music ever written by Leonard Bernstein, West Side Story.  I have been a Gleek.  I love the concept and I love great singing.  What has always been a problem with the show is that the writing is very inconsistent.  Some storylines are meaningful, some are hilarious, and some are just too ridiculous to care. It's a very uneven series.  The "great" Ryan Murphy needs to control the stories more and keep the show relevant, not absurd.

Jumping the shark is a term created in the 70's by television critics to denote that the series is in a noticeable state of decline.  Ergo, why many producers/creators end their shows before that happens.  It is a mark of distinction to avoid that label. Friends, Seinfeld, Everybody Loves Raymond, Mary Tyler Moore, all went out on top.  Happy Days did not, which is where the term derives from. Fonzie water skied over a shark and they were skewered  by fans and critics alike.  It seemed like a desperate move.  So as we continue on the new television season, there are many series that may have stayed too long at the fair (Grey's Anatomy, House).

We have finally gotten through one of the worst summer season of movies in recent memory. I might say of all time, but I have only been going to the movies for 50 years.  The juvenile, idiotic, demeaning movies have gone the way of the sun and fun.  Now, the "adult" movies have arrived.  First, Moneyball, which is a very good film adaptation of Michael Lewis' best selling book.  Second, The Ides of March directed, written, produced, and starring George Clooney.  Another great film by Mr. Clooney.  He has come such a long way from Rosanne's boss on Rosanne, various television appearances, ER, and then a stellar film career.  I never would have picked him out way back when and now, I can't get enough of him. Of course, we have a lot of the same interests.  He is passionate about news and politics.  He tells very complex stories and his use of light is gorgeous! Go see both films, but if you have to choose, go with George.

The NY Yankees season is over.  They lost the best of 5 at home to the Detroit Tigers.  Now what?  There isn't an NBA season, which usually helps ease the sadness of one baseball season ending into a new sport season.  Not this year.    

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  1. sorry about the Yankees. But I am happy for Detroit. I feel Detroit needs all the enthusiasm and kudos it can muster up, since it's been such a sad and beleaguered city. So, I'll be routing for the Tigers now.
    Oh, and there's always Michigan! Go Blue! :)