Monday, October 17, 2011

Holiday Overload

Remember, when many of us were kids (definitely anyone over 50), we started school the day after Labor Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and then the day after Thanksgiving, the stores were transformed.  All of a sudden the sales began and the stores were beginning to look a lot like Christmas.  It was a wonderful transition. We were able to enjoy each and every special day before the next special day.  

Something changed.  I don't know how things collectively change, but all of a sudden, Halloween decorations were showing up with back-to-school supplies and Christmas was showing up by Columbus Day. It was disconcerting.  It made everything less special. It made everything seem cheaper and less than instead of being excited for the holidays, it made me tired before they even hit.  It became, "when will it all be over?"  

Here in NYC, the radio station Lite 106.7 plays only Christmas music beginning in November until the end of December.  Though I love all Christmas songs, there aren't that many actual songs so they keep replaying the same songs over and over and over again sung by all the different recording stars.  It becomes like nails on the chalkboard. Really?  How can they destroy the beautiful music of Irving Berlin?  One more variation of White Christmas or Jingle Bell Rock and you want to kill yourself.  Is that what they are striving for?  It's been going on for at least a decade.  Someone must be enjoying it or they don't care.  They can program the month of music, put on auto-pilot and go shopping.

Today on Facebook one of my friends posted the most incredible photo.  I almost feel like it's a joke.  It's October however and not April Fool's Day.  If this is a reality then I encourage everyone to support this:

I can't believe this.  It warmed my heart.  It made made my heart sing.  This is how it should be.  It's the way to bring back the joy of the holiday season and maybe not destroy the feeling. If I had a Nordstrom's in NYC, they would get all of my business, year round.  So for those of you that are lucky enough to have a local Nordstrom's, shop double for me and tell them how happy you are by their new policy. 

Sidebars:  Charlie's Angels was cancelled from the ABC line-up.  Big surprise.  Their first and biggest mistake no John Forsythe.  John Forsythe's incredibly mellifluous voice is still iconic.  It can't be replaced.  I thought, if they had tried, they could've magically put his words together to continue his hold on the role.  Who among us can't clearly hear him say, "Good morning, Angels?"  The best.  Perfection.  Can't be replaced.  Angels can come and go, but not Charlie's, not when John Forsythe has put his inimitable stamp on the role.  
Congratulations to the St. Louis Cardinals to making it to the World Series. Hopefully, they will beat the Texas Rangers.

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  1. Ok. I'm definitely going to shop at Nordstroms. Maybe even today. That is amazing. They are to be commended, celebrated. love your blog!!