Thursday, October 20, 2011

Media Overplaying and more....

I am irritated.  This isn't about Guiliana Rancic, so to speak.  It is about the media.  Guiliana Rancic was diagnosed with early stage breast cancer.  She had to go through a lumpectomy and 6 weeks of radiation which is the standard protocol for all women.  Yesterday on the Today Show, they promo-ed, do fertility drugs cause breast cancer?  Up next with Dr. Nancy Snyderman.  Hated that promo.  Just hated it.  I bet so many people watch the Today Show in and out, akin to reading headlines and not the entire article.  Misinformation floating in the air.  For the record, there is no correlation between the two, but if you didn't wait around for the segment....I and many women have had lumpectomies and gone through radiation.  I hate that this is being used as a ratings catcher.  It's not a big story.  I hope that Ms. Rancic gets through radiation with little muss or fuss and that she gets her deep desire fulfilled to have a baby.  

Up next, to make me sit shaking my head.  The man who was allowed to have a menagerie of exotic animals in a residential area. He let them all loose: lions and tigers and bears.  He then killed himself.  Perfect.  Can you imagine driving in your car and seeing a lion pass by?  That's how the police were called in.  Motorists saw the animals.  The police were brought in and were ordered to shoot to kill.  I can't imagine what the officers were feeling.  Fifty wild animals roaming an Ohio neighborhood.  All shot dead.  All of them.  Not their fault.  The animals are innocent in all this.  They didn't ask to live out of their natural habitat.  They certainly meant no harm. They are meant to be wild.  They are meant to hunt for food.  They are not meant to be living with some nut case in a neighborhood.  They are not meant to be shot down dead for doing what they do naturally.  I understand that the vast amount of animals versus the safety of the community made it impossible to use finesse, but the animals are innocent in all of this.  Even Jack Hanna, from the Columbus Zoo, supported the shoot to kill order, but was horrified at the sight of all the dead animals. Private ownership of exotic animals should not be allowed.  The only exception I can think of is Siegfried and Roy and you heard how that turned out.  This is a tragedy that could have been avoided.  The man should never have had the animals in the first place.  Heartbreaking.

Sidebars:  Lindsey Lohan needs to go away.  She needs to go to jail.  She is making the whole judicial and probation system in Los Angeles a mockery.  Why is she getting such incredibly special treatment?  She once was special, now she's just tragic.  Time to treat her as if she was just a poor person in the system.  She is not a movie star anymore and may never be at this rate.   Stop putting her on the cover of magazines, newspapers, and top stories.  It's ugly, pathetic, and very disconcerting. 

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  1. 1. right
    2. hopefully this tragedy will cause the remaining few states that haven't legislated against the personal ownership of wild animals to react and quickly
    3. they said here that one of the reasons she hasn't been sent to jail here is because there are too many prisoners and too many felons and too much overcrowding. I mean the judge said that and I don't think she like LL in the least. Off to the Morgue for her.
    4. good rant.