Tuesday, October 11, 2011

A Mother's Love and Other Thoughts

Having watched Cher evolve from a duo, TV star, recording star, gay icon, and movie star, I never imagined that I'd see her in her most private role: mother. Last week she tweeted that if Chaz made it through she would come in person to support him and watch him dance.  Cher.  One of the biggest stars in the past 50 years, Cher.  I wasn't even sure that she would sit through the entire show.  Come on, she's the one and only, Cher, but she did. 

I have no idea if it was contractual or agreed upon, but I really appreciated that the director didn't focus the night on her the whole time.  We caught a shot of her early on as they panned all the celebrity supporters. The director treated her no better nor worse, which really gave it the correct perspective.  Cher was there for her son.  The only other glimpse of Cher as a mother was the incredibly compelling documentary, Becoming Chaz.   She was very open and honest with her own struggle of Chastity becoming Chaz.  If you haven't seen it and get a chance, it is well worth it.

More than 3/4 into the 2 hour show, Chaz was up.  It was movie theme night and their assigned song was the theme to "Rocky."  It was a fitting choice and somewhat obvious choice for the producers to pick.  Their dance was the Paso Doble.  Very powerful and macho.  Chaz is not a dancer, clearly.  He is committed to being on Dancing With the Stars, but his body is in a great deal of pain.  He and his partner, Lacey Schwimmer, did a commendable job.  BUT, the pride and emotion on Cher's face was palpable. It was a very rare moment to see the maternal glow from Cher to her son.  Great television and human moment.

Side bar:  Netflix.  I can't believe that the CEO still has a job.  He made poor business decisions, tanked the stock, decided to split the company into two: Qwikster and Netflix, and then decided not to split the company because people were grousing.  People use Netflix to simplify their entertainment options.  Splitting it into two made it more trouble than the subscriber was willing to deal with and I am only hoping that they re-assess the pricing plan.  We shall see....

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  1. I kind of wonder what Sonny would have thought of all this. I think he would have been there, too.