Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Still Over My Head

Since I wrote yesterday, something very disturbing has come to my attention.  The Occupy Wall Street protest is sprinkled with anti-Semites.  Really?  The "leaders" of the protesters need to nip that right in the bud.  There is no place for hate remarks just like there was no room for hate remarks by the tea baggers.  The difference here, I hope, is that the haters will be denounced and marginalized.  Instead of all the great support by President Obama, Minority Leader Pelosi, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, and all the rest, they must stand up loudly and not allow hate rhetoric to dilute the message of discontent.  As far as I am concerned, if the hate signs and remarks are allowed to continue, then shut it all down.  Clean up Zuccotti Park, send everyone home.  I do not want to be supportive of any group of people that allows "members" to spew hate rhetoric.  Please don't tell me about Freedom of Speech. I know, I understand, and I don't care.  It changes the tone and the focus of any protest when hate mongers get a hold. I don't know where this movement is going but it will not get my support or my blessing if the public, the media, and the civil servants don't shout them out. 

On the heels of the exciting and emotional reunion of Shalit Gilad with his family and country men, today's reports state that Hamas wants to kidnap more Israeli soldiers so they can get more of their comrades back.  Really?  Is that what this is all for?  As I said yesterday, I do not presume that I know the answer, that I understand the situation, but does this type of reaction from Hamas create an atmosphere of trust to continue negotiations?  Mahmoud Abbas should stand up to Hamas and denounce those who are shouting this.  Peace will never be successful if the State of Palestine just wants the demise of Israel.  That won't happen.  So, President Abbas, do what is right.  Don't just stand up in front of the UN General Assembly and ask for statehood; stand up in front of those in your camp that are only interested in the total annihilation of Israel.  That's courage. 

Sidebars:  Carson Kressley was voted off Dancing With the Stars last night.  Chaz Bono still survives.  I am guessing next week may be his last, though he is getting better each week.  Shockingly he wasn't in the bottom three....Did I talk about Godspell on Broadway at Circle in the Square?  A show close to my heart with a light book and a very singable score.  Went with a friend who also had a lot of love for the show and 3 teenage girls.  It was such a shockingly terrible, cheesy, and appalling theatrical experience, we left at intermission.  What a huge disappointment!  

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