Friday, October 14, 2011

Teenage Love

I have a wise man in my ear about blogging about personal things on the internet, but I keep ruminating about a time in my past and my day yesterday. When I was growing up, my life was theatre and choir.  I was fortunate enough to live in an area where community theatre was abundant.  I met people not just from my school, but other schools, and all walks of life.  I fell in teenage love with a young man named Mark.  He was a few years older than I and it was perfect teen love.  It was fun, romantic, and ended because he moved away.  No pain, no tragic teenage break up, just life.  Mark came back for a short time to visit 3 years later and whisked me off my feet to San Francisco.  Again, perfect, romantic, fun, safe.  I have kept it in my heart for all these years. 

Often wondering what if....Knowing full well that our lives were diametrically opposed to each other. He an outdoor/adventurer, me, city all the way.  Green Acres, if you will.  After 34 years of holding onto these warm feelings, yesterday we got to reunite for a precious hour.  He was with his girlfriend.  His  appearance has changed so much. He was skinny as could be and had long hair. I knew what to expect because we are hooked up through Facebook, but what made it perfect? After 34 years, we have lived such full lives, separately, and the affection is still there.  I can still have the teenage love memories and be in the moment with whom we have become.  Great to be together, great that we had the hour, great that we return to the life we chose and cherish.  Nothing will tarnish the memories; that is clear.  

Interesting, I don't feel that I have done this memory justice.  I guess I am sharing what I am able to, just some, not all.  

Sidebars:  Last night the Detroit Tigers forced a game 6 and they go back to Texas.  Come on Tigers!!!  Watched the X Factor.  Fascinating that the 4 judges, LA Reid, Simon Cowell, Paula Abdul, and Nicole Scherzinger, had their group of singers to their homes.  Not totally sure why they made that choice other than to see what incredibly fabulous homes they each have.  Simon took the 13 girls under 30 to Paris to his gorgeous estate somewhere outside Paris. How many chaperones went on that trip?  LA took the 13 boys under 30 to his manse in the Hamptons. Paula had the 13 groups to her gigantic, beautifully landscaped mansion in Santa Barbara. Finally, Nicole (A Pussycat Doll, really?) had the 13 singers over 30 to her exquisite home in Malibu.  It was almost a combination Architectural Digest and American Idol.  Part two is Sunday night.  Even if you don't watch the show, it is fascinating to see how good the music business has been to these four.  

It is Friday.  Have a great weekend.  Again, if you enjoyed this, feel free to re-post or forward to a friend.


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  1. sweet story about you and Mark (don't remember if I ever knew that).
    I think that was perfectly lovely to share and not too intimate.
    so, YES, GO TIGERS!!! and go BLUE tomorrow!! :)