Monday, October 24, 2011

A Slight Cut

Can we discuss circumcision?  I keep getting postings from people about making it against the law in the once liberal State of California.  Really?  Now, thankfully, at this writing Governor Gerry Brown nipped it in the bud and passed a law that makes it a family choice.  Those that are anti circumcision don't like that the patient has no choice at the newborn age, which is true for so many choices that parents make for their children. That's why there are parents and children. Children don't choose to get vaccines, parents make that choice.  Those shots can hurt.  The law the anti-circumcision people wanted past was that it was illegal until the young man was 18 years old?  Really?  Men should wait until there is more blood flow pumping through and more nerves alive. Really?  Now, you are talking pain and memories that will never go away.  Ask anyone that chose, for one reason or another, to have an adult circumcision!  

It also smacks of anti-Semitism.  Both Jews and Muslims believe in circumcision.  It is part of both religions.  Many Christians choose to have their sons circumcised for general practice. Many doctors are pro circumcision for cleanliness and to stop the spread of diseases.  Dr. Berry Brazelton advises parents that the son should look like the father, if they were trying to decide what to do. So these people in "liberal" California,  S-T-O-P it!  Stay out of our bedrooms, wombs and diapers.  These are personal decisions, not taken lightly.  Stay out of it.  And "liberal" California, it's time to take your State back, before it's too late.  Come on now. You can do it.  Get your mojo back!

Making a 180 degree turn, back to language.  There are two more words that are repeatedly mispronounced and I don't really know why.  The first is the fabulous word etcetera.  The first time I really remember hearing that word was the great Yul Brynner as the King in the movie, The King and I.  He said it perfectly clear and crisp.  E-T-C-E-T-E-R-A. It begins E-T.  Like the cute little alien in Steven Spielberg's classic film. Why, then, do so many people say E-K-C-E-T-E-R-A????  E-K.  No, it's not E-K and so many people say it that way.  Don't know how it got started.  I hear it in life, in stores, on TV, etc.  Bugs me.  The other word that has evolved into a similar problem for people...espresso.  It is an Italian word.  It is a type of coffee. E-S!  Can you see how it is spelled?  And yet, I hear many people saying E-X: E-X-P-R-E-S-S-O!  Really?  Come on people, if you can't say it, don't order it or offer it. 


  1. isn't it usually the few that want to impose their will on the many - the many being the more apathetic? I'm glad Gov Brown did the right thing. There's so MUCH here to worry about. . .

    Totally agree about the words being mispronounced. When someone says EXpresso, it just makes my skin crawl and I have to stop myself from correcting them which, admittedly, is not my job (even I think it is sometimes).

    Side note: paragraph one has the word "past" when I know you meant "passed". probably that damn autocorrect again. :)

  2. Diana I totally agree. Parents should be free to make this decision. We decided against it but I have no desire to tell anyone else what is right for them. Seriously. Just wanted to esspress myself. =D