Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Ramblings from my head

About a year ago, the talking heads on radio and television were going crazy about the prospect of building a Mosque at Ground Zero.  The heresy.  The disrespect. The gall. There were multiple articles written.  Hysteria abounded. Politicians all took sides.  You were either for or against it.  No grey area. It was the topic of many sermons by clergy for tolerance and understanding.  

The only thing missing were facts.  There already was a Mosque downtown and wasn't near Ground Zero. It was a few blocks away. The Imam of the Mosque wanted to build a community center open to all.  It was not meant with disrespect. It was intended to bridge, but don't tell that to the hysteria seeking media and politicians.  For weeks we had to hear about the supposed "desecration" to the memories of the victims of 9/11. 

Most shockingly, until last Friday night on Bill Maher's show, I had no idea that the community center was built and opened. No fanfare. No media frenzy. I really am stunned by the utter silence of the media and the loud politicians.  What I learned yet again is that the Right (mostly) gloms onto a topic, throws gasoline on the embers, fires people up, and then moves on to the next topic.  Leaving a trail of partially educated, emotionally wired, listeners in their wake.  

Okay, does the name Hank Williams, Jr. mean anything to you?  He stepped in it on some Fox News show comparing Barack Obama to Hitler.  ESPN responded swiftly and pulled his iconic song for NFL football off the air.  They didn't want to be associated with that rhetoric.  What I can't believe is that no one ever learns from other's mistakes.  People need to sideline the comparison to Hitler. More often than not it backfires and is much too freely used.  Hitler is an easy go to guy because who has been worse in recent memory.  Stop going to him!

In other ramblings:  Not looking forward to AJ Burnett pitching the must win Yankee game tonight.  Don't think anyone other than Mrs. Burnett is.



  1. haha about the Mrs Burnett comment!!

    Hank Williams is stupid but that song is so iconic. whatever.

    and the mosque thing is just sad and funny at the same time.
    love you

  2. Love that you call Hitler a "go-to guy" for the Right.