Thursday, October 27, 2011

A Head Swirling

Politicians.  What is it about them that makes people recoil.  It wasn't always like this, was it?  Has authenticity become obsolete?  What if a candidate stood up for his/her own integrity, beliefs.  Didn't give a rat's ass what the base of the party liked.  Wouldn't that be a slam dunk?  Isn't that part of the inherent problem?  If you are running for elected office and you have to spew ridiculous rhetoric that you never believed in just to get the nomination then what is happening to the true, solid people?  I read and watch about these Presidential candidates and can't believe what comes out of their mouths.  Mitt Romney seems to be doing the best job of playing both sides of the fence, but don't we think that he and all the candidates are having to compromise too far to the right?  What if the far right hated all the candidates?  Would anyone care?  What happened to the bigger picture?  What happened to what is best for the majority of the people?  

Today there was a new CBO non-partisan poll that said that the top 1%'s income has increased 275% from 1979-2007. Really?  275%  Have they added value to the world?  Have they created 275% more jobs?  Products?  Is there no wonder why there is unrest among the rest of Americans?  The middle class' income up 40%; poor 18%.  Isn't that stunning?  When you see the graph visually it is staggering.  I am not a socialist.  I believe in capitalism, but capitalism used to manufacture products in this country.  The railroad magnates improved the country by increasing the rail lines from coast to coast.  The automobile inventors put hundreds of thousands of people to work, while, yes, people like Henry Ford, were getting rich.  There was a capitalistic hierarchy that doesn't exist anymore.  The creators and the builders.  The brilliant minds that have the vision of a better world for all and the middle class that helped the dreams come true.  Today, the super rich aren't thinking about the entire country, what's best for all.  They seem to only be interested in what is best for their small, little world.  

Sidebars:  Lindsey Lohan has fallen so far, that posing for Playboy just makes her more pathetic.  A desperate move to make money.  I heard her mother is whoring Lindsey out by writing a book. Please don't let it be successful.  Please let her fade to black.  Dancing With the Stars had a lot of fireworks this week.  Chaz and Lacey were sent home.  It was a very bittersweet ending.  Chaz made incredible parting remarks.  He said if there had been someone like him on TV when he was growing up, his whole life would have been different.  He did this for all the kids and teenagers struggling to find themselves.  He said it better.  Quite moving.  

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  1. this is a very good, thought provoking, quintessential rant, di. too bad there are so many unanswerable questions. . .