Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Money.  Money is good, until it is not.  Nowhere more evident than in politics.  Money has poisoned the democratic system from the people of The United States of America. Isn't it disgraceful to hear about the fundraisers by all the Presidential candidates. They are raising millions of dollars from rich people.  The projected cost for the 2012 Presidential campaign is 12 billion dollars!!!   12 Billion????????? Clearly, all that money could be used for more meaningful uses other than self promotion.  It seems in the past few decades who ever has the most money, wins. (I know with a few exceptions like Michael Huffington and Meg Whitman). That can't be good for governing and legislating.  Even the Supreme Court is against the good of the people.  They allowed unlimited funds to funnel into campaign coffers by corporations. Really?  How is that healthy?  How does that help get the most qualified candidate into office.  

In these dire times we are facing, why aren't more people shouting foul on the political system?  There was the McCain-Feingold bill many years ago; the only campaign reform bill that ever tried to do anything.  The right idea and yet not able to be executed.  Why does the campaign season have to go on ad infinitum?  Money.  Money that is spent on ads, brochures, parties, etc.  Wouldn't it be better for everyone if it was a very short campaign season, using public funding, the same amount for all?  Wouldn't it level the playing field?  

Don't get me started on the State primaries and caucuses.  I have never understood the caucuses, ever.  It gets explained to me every four years and I still don't get the sense in it.  Now the State's are all elbowing there way to earlier primary dates to out do the other States.  It is ridiculous.  Why can't there be one day Nationwide for primary elections?  Simplify the entire system.  No more outrageously over the top demagoguery conventions.  It is such a waste of money, time and breath.  

The M-O-N-E-Y! Get the money out of politics!  It isn't just me singing this tune.  Dylan Ratigan who has a much greater platform has started a movement to get the money out.  Please go to and read about it and sign the petition.  The more loudly we can sing it, maybe some day we will get somewhere.  I am sure it won't be in time for this current, never-ending Presidential campaign, but change must start somewhere.  

Side bars:  Chaz Bono made it another week on Dancing With the Stars. Do you think it's because Cher said she would show next week?  Hmmmm.  Amanda Knox is back in Seattle. Free at last.  Sorry for the family of the victim.  No justice for them. The New York Yankees forced   a game 5 with a stunning 10-1 victory. The NY papers are all talking about how AJ Burnett pulled it out.  Yeah, well from where I sit, he couldn't have done it without Curtis Granderson's incredible fielding!  Go Yankees!!

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  1. If you have it, money is always good. If you don't, well, just ask those people protesting on Wall Street everyday. I heard that one CEO down on Wall Street stuck his head out the wind, gazed at the crowd, and said, "Let them eat Ding Dongs.

  2. CAMPAIGN REFORM is what it's all about. Arianna wrote a whole book on it. It is sickening. And not that I care, but as Sarah Palin declared she wouldn't run for President (a comedian's dream, a citizen's nightmare), I wondered about all the schmucks that donated to her SarahPac and enabled her to ride around the country, vacationing, with her family on her Constitution Bus. What the hell is that about? Do they not feel the least bit ripped off?
    Grrrrrrr. . . what a loaded topic. WEll said, Di.