Tuesday, January 3, 2012


It's a new year.  The page turned. The calendar changed. It's January 2012.  First off, are you going to say twenty twelve or two thousand twelve.  It's a hot button issue for some.  For me, not so much.  As long as I am still here and kicking, you can call it anything.  

Now, with all the hoopla of December 31st, it's so funny waking up on January 1st.  Everything is still the same.  Nothing really changes, not overnight.  The Sunday morning shows are saying the same things that they were saying the week before.  Republicans are on the forefront of all politics right now.   

My brain is like mush.  I am not sure why.  Too much chilling out over the Winter break?  I enjoyed every moment with my family, but as I sit down to write, I feel at a loss.  I know things will kick in because that is definitely my nature, but right now everything feels bizarrely at peace.  I am guessing with the kids back to school and schedules back things will start to gurgle and annoy once again, but now the brain is marshmallow.  

Can anyone relate?  I am struggling communicating or writing today.  Since I have been so quiet for the past ten days or so, I had to take a step back into the world.  I wonder if anyone nodded out while reading this....

Happiness to all in this change of number. 2012.  

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  1. no, just kidding. I feel kind of at a loss myself. I stayed in my PJs nearly all year so far! So, yah. I feel ya. Love you xoxooxoxoxox