Monday, January 16, 2012

Weekend Appraisal

The much anticipated Golden Globe Awards.  A week long "pre-game" fete with interviews and anxiety about the uncontainable Ricky Gervais.  I have personally been touting it all week.  The excitement built up all day long on Sunday.  The countdown began in the morning hours, then the red carpet interviews (which I find thoroughly annoying), then 4-3-2-1, take it away Ricky.  He was funny, but the producer clearly marginalized him this year. I am sure someone knows the answer to his actual airtime minutes.  Ricky didn't have a chance to have all the cutting zingers of yesteryear.  I was disappointed.  He was damn funny when he did get airtime, but I wanted more, more, more.  

The overall show was a bit dull.  Maybe that's because it's been a lukewarm year. Kelsey Grammer??  Come on. That Kelsey Grammer beat Damien Lewis from Homeland....I had to leave the room so I didn't have to hear his blowhard speech.  Madonna?  I know there are just certain people that the Hollywood Foreign Press loves, but seriously?  I actually think that the songs were scraping the bottom of the barrel this year, but Madonna?  If The Artist didn't win best score, no way it could be consider best film.  It's a silent movie.  Music is the end all and be all to communicate the story.  I could go on, but by now you have probably heard a lot of Monday morning quarterbacking.

Speaking of quarterbacking, go Niners!  What an incredible game!  One of the best playoff games in NFL history. Four touchdowns in the last couple minutes.  Facebook pages and Tweets blowing up the cyber world.  Giants in a heartstopper to beat the Packers and now they have to face the 49ers next week.  The much ballyhooed Tebow vs. Brady fizzled fast with the Patriots crushing Tebow and showing who's boss. The Ravens beat the Texans with incredible plays and exciting interceptions.  So next Sunday the Patriots play the Ravens at New England and the Giants play the Niners at Candlestick Park.  Big Sunday!

Take a moment and remember why today is a National holiday.  It's not just a day off from school and work.


  1. I think it was national "Go the the movies" day. At least it was at the movie theater I was at. Packed.