Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Let's Go NY, Let's Go!

The NY Knicks won last night but had to find that information out online.  Here in NY after suffering at the hands of the NBA and the Players Association, we have another situation.  After the NBA strike was settled and we finally had the first tip off on December 25th, on January 1st Time Warner, our cable provider, and Jim Dolan/MSG Network are having a pissing contest.  Again, who gets screwed?  The fans.  Always and forever, the fans get the short end.  We are locked out of seeing the games because these two moneygrubbing profiteers are fighting over dollars.  Really?  Good timing.  Let's just alienate all the NY Knicks fans some more, as if watching them play isn't enough!  It's unfathomable to me that it's been over 20 years since Knick fans were thrilled with the Ewing years.  Honestly, still living off it.  

We have suffered with the indignities for so long once Jim Dolan and Cablevision bought the Knicks.  We had to suffer through Isaiah Thomas. Once a beloved player with the Detroit Pistons, the sub topic of an ABC Afterschool Special: The Mary Thomas Story, the snappy dresser, the charmer, came to GM the Knicks and brought the class level down to the gutter. The culture of the Knicks went so far downhill.  The class that Pat Riley, Bob Gutkowski, and Dave Checketts brought in the 80's was destroyed as soon as the ink was dry when the Dolans bought the team.  

The NY Knick Fans have tried desperately to hang in there, be patient, understanding, but after all we have been through....So here we are January 10, 2012. Ten days into the New Year and no settlement insight between two greedy, money grubbing sides. How long can the fans be screwed before they don't come back? I don't have a clue. I love the Knicks but they aren't making it easy to hang in there.  Really, I still long for Ewing, Oakley, Starks, Smith (yes, I may be in the minority there), and Mason.  Having had that exhilarating experience, keeps me and all Knick fans on the hook. We long for that feeling again, but it feels so far off. I wonder if this season will be for Knick fans a virtual season only except for the "lucky" few who pay overinflated prices to sit in the Garden....

Sidebars:  It's the New Hampshire primary and then off to South Carolina.  Survived another night of The Bachelor.  If you haven't experienced Downton Abbey, do not miss it.  It is absolutely delicious! Season 2 just began and you can rent or watch online Season 1. The much promo'd The Firm on NBC started slowly and then ended with a bang, we shall see if they can keep it up. I may be too big a prude for House of Lies on Showtime.

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