Friday, January 6, 2012

Movie Going

Ah, the movies.  The experience that has been diminished each and every year. I have the old romantic feeling for the movies: meeting friends, birthdays, dates, memories galore.  The reality today is nothing like that.  Years ago I stopped going to the movies at night because in NYC it was such a hassle getting tickets, getting seats, getting food, seeing over the people, etc. Don't think for a minute that there are bargain matinees, just a hassle free experience.  I find that you can see almost any movie without a wait if you go during daylight hours.  

Now, going during the day has pluses and minuses.  The pluses are obvious because there are no crowds and all that goes with it, but the minuses....Sometimes it is too empty and that can be a tad creepy.  I sit and wonder who the other people are in attendance and what their story is.  Playing hookie from work?  Retired? Day off?  Sick?  

There is no bargain in NYC.  We pay $13.50 for adults.  That's a lot of money and forget about the concessions.  Ridiculously overpriced and now I skip it.  Wouldn't movie theatre owners make more money if they sold more in quantity (numbers) and charged less? I know so many people that would never buy food at the movies and sneak in their own because the mark up is sickening.  And again, I digress. So now I am in a movie theatre with few people spread about and yet clustered.  The previews begin at the movie "start" time.  Used to be it was fun and over in 5 minutes tops.  Now, the movies show twenty minutes of trailers.  It is irritating and detracts from the experience.  

Okay, so have I painted the picture?  Ten people spread out, though clustered together. The movie is about to begin.  Even with the few people in the theatre, there are always talkers or whisperers. Pisses me off. I have paid my money, gotten comfortable, suffered through the never ending trailers and then people talk.  Really?  

So the fabulous days of movie going from yesteryear are over.  Movies were cheap, food was reasonable, people were polite and knew how to behave at the movies, and there were ushers walking up and down the aisles.  Not to forget, the theatres were movie houses with big screens and not multiplexes with variable sizes throughout.  I am off to the movies shortly, always hopeful that the experience will be like the olden days, but sadly, always disappointed.  

Sidebars:  Sunday night TiVO and DVR alert. Downton Abbey Season 2, The Firm new series, Absolutely Fabulous new season, and a new Good Wife.  After a television draught, it's too much.  All great, all on at the same time. Saw The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo and give it too big thumbs up! Off to see The Artist today.  Enjoy the weekend!

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  1. I wonder when NY will get on the LA Bandwagon of selling reserved theatre seats. It's still ridiculously expensive but you at least have the comfort of knowing that you have a seat and exactly where it will be (and you get to select your own online, simple and sensible). It is so worth paying extra for. It's not everywhere, but it will be soon. Now the parking, that is a whole other nightmare of a story. And the people inevitably talking - well there's always been those and I suppose there always will be. OMG, the stories I could tell about my run ins with the "talkers". But I won't jack your blog. Hope you like the Artist. xoxox