Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The State of the Union?

The State of the Union.  I always try to watch, no matter which party is in the White House. I have mixed feelings about the speeches. First off, they are always sunnier than I feel.  The President can't get up there and say, "things really suck and we are screwed."  Even if that's how I am feeling.  The speech writers always put their best foot forward and look at the glass half full.  Where are we? Where can we go from here?  Etc., etc., etc.

Last night's speech by President Obama was no different, not really. It was a speech full of hope and pulling together.  About being Americans, not Democrats and Republicans.  Though still Republicans sit when Democrats stand.  It's so immature and I am not sure when that began.  We try to teach our children better.  We tell kids there's no "I" in team.  Somehow, that gets left at the proverbial door of D.C.  It is "us" against "them."

It makes me sad because by nature I am a very idealistic and optimistic person. I want to believe in what our leaders stand up before me and say. Then, half the audience stays seated. I wish that they would discourage applause and standing ovations for all State of the Union addresses.  First of all, it would shorten the speech.  Second, it would take away a layer of B.S. 

When the President spoke about being a team and the brave soldiers do what they are supposed to do, no matter their background, I found it moving and hopeful. That lasted about as long as the commercial break. As soon as Mitch Daniels came on for the Republican rebuttal, it was over.  So the greatness of the prose gets twisted and turned back in as if evil abounds. 

Sidebars:  One of the great results of the State of the Union address, was a one hour episode of The Biggest Loser, instead of the usual over-inflated two hours.  They should really consider that forever. Poor Demi Moore. Checked into rehab for possible substance abuse or exhaustion. Time will tell. 

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  1. I wish somebody would say, "things really suck and we are screwed." That would be refreshingly honest.